I had nothing to offer anybody except my own confusion. ~Jack Kerouac

by khristin ann Thursday, March 24, 2005 at 11:51 PM

She put me on hold. She's taking the hampster outside...

A list of things I hate.....

1. Things on the 3rd floor. For all the effort it took to get all the way up there, you would think that walking down three flights of stairs would be a little more exciting. But its not.
2.When you get done with work 10 minutes early but your roommates dont want to hang out with you anyways. Bitches.
3. When people throw away the last kleenex without using it. (or when you point that out to someone, and they take the kleenex out, wipe their ass with it, and put it back in the garbage can....)
4. How I am getting everything done on time. I am studying for all my tests, starting my papers early, and hanging out in the library frequently. Ive never done this before. I can't handle it. 2 hot 2 handle.
5. It's cold outside.
6. Not having a closet. He is showing our house tomorrow, and I wish I could just throw everything in my closet so I don't have to clean my room. But I don't have a closet. So now I have to clean my room
7. Icecream makes me vomit. But it tastes so good...
8. How one hand is colder than the other.
9. When you play a mean trick on someone, and they are sleeping. I am laughing already, and Carrie and Jim won't get it until they wake up tomorrow. But I will still be laughing then.
10. I have to miss my soap opera on tues and thurs for math class. I don't even like math. We are getting a tivo, and I am going to tape it all the time. And then watch it later.
11. I hate finishing a good book. Because all along you are reading it, and its all good and stuff. But then, all the sudden, your at the end. And it's over.
12. Miracle Whip.
13. When you prank call someone and they don't answer. Your daughter kicked my cat. Or when someone calls you three times in a couple hours and dont leave a message. I still feel like I am missing out on something important by not knowing. Maybe I will call that number at 730 am and be like, why you calling me, bitches? Thats what I will say.
14. When you break your nail at work and you don't have any superglue. My nail was bleeding, and I was told I could superglue my nail shut.
15. How things die when in my care. Like my frog, Isabella. Or my other frog. And I am not even going to start naming my fish. But my Jew is growing like crazy. My jew is taking over the radiater and everyone else is jealous. I kill fish, but I can keep the Jew alive. See, I'm not a Nazi.
16. Yesterday, I was in the library, minding my own business and stuff. Then the girl sitting at the table next to me was like, hey can you watch my stuff? And I was like, ok. But really, I was like, who does that? She was just going to the vending machines in the basement, I don't think anyone is going to steal your text book. I didn't know you could ask people you didn't know to watch your stuff. This is why I am in college, so that I learn all the important things in life.

If I am dead tomorrow, it is because Carrie murdered me. Because she is going to want to when she opens her door and finds a surprise. Don't tell Carrie, but I am going to blame it on Jenny. And then I am going to laugh. Tiny hand.

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