I had nothing to offer anybody except my own confusion. ~Jack Kerouac

by khristin ann Monday, October 17, 2005 at 7:23 PM

My mom is embarrased for me

So I just lived out my most embarrassing moment. We were discussing metaphysical poetry in my English class when I realized I had misplaced my handout. I stood up to go ask her if she had an extra copy of the handout when my bad ankle completely gave out. The class was sitting in a circle around the room, and there I am laying in the middle of the circle. I tried to stand up, but my ankle gave out again. Everyone just sat and stared at me. It was real embarrassing. And, she didn't have an extra handout to give me, so I had to share with the guy next to me. Towards the end of class, the professor was like, "Are you sure your ok, Kristin?" I felt real lame. Then I had to limp home.

Blogger Jennifer Johnson said...

I don't think it was your ankle, I think it was the 7 shots of peach schapps you take in the school bathroom before class. Oh yea, I've got you figured out.  


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