I had nothing to offer anybody except my own confusion. ~Jack Kerouac

by khristin ann Wednesday, August 25, 2004 at 11:09 AM

can be like a deep sea diver swimming with a raincoat

SO I am offically sick. I want to rip my kidneys right out of my body and stomp on them. I worked 9-5 yesterday, right after i went to the doctor the day before. Big mistake, I sholdnt have gone to work. But I have off today, and I am going to sit in my pajamas all day. And probably complain to myself, since everyone i know is at working (and when i say everyone I know, I am refering to my two roomates). But I am going to Platteville on Saturday so Jenny and Carrie can visit their lovers. And I am just going so taht I am not lonely here. Its like that Green Day song, "I was all by myself...." Ive been up since 8 am, probably because I went to bed at 9pm. And I am going insane. Ive drinken so much cranberry juice in the last 48 hours. I could almost turn into a cranberry. Id only be 27% cranberry though. So I went to a different doctor on monday (cuz I dont like my offical dr), and I was like, hey I got this nice lump in my neck, that is getting bigger, can you take it out? and she read thru my file and was like, um, no, since you had a biopsy done, and they say its not dangerous, your stuck with the lump. and I was like, BUT IT HURTS TAKE IT OUT. and she was like, no it will go away. Thats what they all say, that it will go away (that rhymed). But it hasnt gone away in the last year. and let me remind you that it hurts. So, if anyone wants, feel free to come over and cut out the lump in my neck. and both my kidneys.

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