I had nothing to offer anybody except my own confusion. ~Jack Kerouac

by khristin ann Friday, October 22, 2004 at 1:14 AM

do you want to get AIDS?

I dont even ask Carrie what she is watching because I dont want to know. We are the creepy neighbors. Why? Me and Jenny just ran up and down the street looking in the neighbors garbage. I was wearing my bathrobe and party shoes. Jenny was wearing her Flashdance sweatshirt. We were a sight. I say its paper recycling and Jenny says bottles. All our neighbors seem to be confused. "It is squishy".

Jenny bought a Goosebumps movie at Walmart. High quality film. I might get eaten. I have to give a presentation tomarrow. Maybe I should be in bed.

I decided that Thursday is my favorite day of the week. Thursday is almost weekend. And any weekend days cannot be your favorite day of the WEEK. So that exempts Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Which leaves Thursday as my favorite day. I also like Tuesdays, because by Tuesday you are already past Monday. So your week can only get better from there.

Today at work I got to complain about 2 of my managers to the store manager for like a half hour. That was the best half hour I have ever gotten paid for. It was so much better than ever peeing while on the clock. Cuz I got to yell. But actually I was yelling for everyone else, because everyone brings their problems to me. My manager says its because I am nice and everyone gets along with me and I AM ALWAYS THERE. She always checks gossip with me before she yells at someone to see if the gossip is true. Because I seem to hear all the gossip too. I am employee of the month. But seriously, I got to complain forever. Well Sunday was a bad day at work, and I made like half the people promise me not to yell at the managers or pick a fight. Because everyone was pissed off. And as pretend manager, I did not want to have a fight start while I was in charge up front.

I am wearing orange pants, to bring out the orange in my shirt. And my party shoes bring out the blue. That is why I go to the thrift store. Great party clothes. I get paid tomorrow (I had to respell that one Carrie). I cant do gay hand when I am wearing my wrist brace. I really cant type either. This is a challange. I dont know what I am going to say in my presentation tomorrow. I hope I dont look bad. I dont want the girl in my group to not like me. Shes the only person I ever talk to at school besides my roomates. And Juliane and Derek. Wait, the other day I saw one of Julianes friends. And a guy I work with. So scratch that. I emailed my German professor, a class I am doing rather horrible in, and looked like an idiot. I guess she went over new grammer terms on the overhead. I dont think she understands I have a very short attention span and a 3 second memory. My underwear have stars on them.

Wyatt overheard our downstairs neighbor saying, "I HATE UNDERWEAR." I will leave you with that thought.

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