I had nothing to offer anybody except my own confusion. ~Jack Kerouac

by khristin ann Sunday, December 04, 2005 at 3:00 PM

things that happened to me this week

1. learned that my ability to swing my car around and park the opposite way in angle parking is impressive
2. showed up for class that i had forgotten was canceled; i was the only one there
3. realized i am kinda self concious of my extremely long toes
4. had to buy a book that i lost, then dropped the new one in the snow
5. ended up in a hair dying prediciment
6. thought i blew the fuse and fumbled to find a flashlight in the dark, ended up wandering the house with a lit candle until i realized that i had hit the switch on my power strip in my room and had no other lights on in the house. then i felt like an idiot.
7. bought 3 pairs of shoes, spending a total of $35
8. fell down on my way to school and ended up with a bloody knee
9. worked every single day, realizing that i hate my job(s), mostly dicks in particular
10. decided we are throwing a new year's party, haven't told jenny yet
11. got more bruises from the hula hoop
12. noticed i haven't watered my plants in awhile, hoping they will spring back to life
13. decided i can skip a couple classes next week and still get sweet grades
14. invited my mom to go out drinking with us friday
15. bounced my first check (out of stupidity)
16. ate some candy
17. watched countless hours of fresh prince on nick at nite
18. got a phone call from karma (the kid, not the thing)
19. lost my wallet in the target parking lot in appleton
20. attempted to clean my room many times, never happened
21. sold quite a bit of jewelry
22. spilled ravioli all over myself
23. slept on the ugly couch
24. picked my own hours at dicks, left early when i wanted to
25. got ridiculed because i read real books
26. worked every single day

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