I had nothing to offer anybody except my own confusion. ~Jack Kerouac

by khristin ann Tuesday, January 10, 2006 at 6:53 PM

step one - we can have lots of fun

When I walked outside before I could smell two things: freshly smoked marijuana and the coconutish lotion they put on your eyebrows at Cost Cutters. Only one of those scents was coming from me. For some reason my alarm clock with the really big numbers has purple paint on it. I do own purple paint, but I am not sure as to how it got on my alarm clock. I need to cut my hair tonight; it's getting out of hand. I had a dream about Erbert and Gerbert's the other night. That just shows how much I enjoy sandwiches. I had a sandwich from New York New York and a giant cookie for supper. I think I am going to actually have some money left over from my paychecks on Friday, which is a shockingly good thing. The butler, Jeffrey, on Fresh Prince really is British. The accent isn't fake. Good to know, eh?

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