I had nothing to offer anybody except my own confusion. ~Jack Kerouac

by khristin ann Tuesday, May 18, 2004 at 3:58 PM

ok lets talk about how much of an idiot kristin is. so i went into marys sunday night to get my schedule. i wrote down that i work 430-cl on tuesday. so today is tuesday, right. i got up this morning, played around on my computer, watched days of our lives, took a nap (yeah i know my day is exhausting), took a shower, then i went to carries to walk her big retard of a dog. i get home, and i am about to get ready for work. i see i have a message on my machine. guess who its from - marys. i was sposed to work 1130-730 today. completly missed that. so i called and talked to dee, who was like, well its ok your crazy, you are in the middle of finals. and i was like, yeah. i guess when i read the schedule, i wrote down the hours of the person underneath my name. so they got someone to cover me (it was vickie, she answered the phone when i called and i felt like an even bigger idiot), and dee told me to take the night off and study and stuff. well and i thought maybe i just wrote down someone else schedule cuz theres 3 kristins there now and he doesnt always stick the w on mine so i usually just make sure we are spaced far enough apart (he puts the servers on the top, then the hosts and the bussers, but sometimes he sticks me in the middle where he sticks people that dont always work there cuz i dont always work there). so i could be at work right now makin some cash to put in my empty gas tank. but im not. im so hard up for cash right now too. but thats nice cuz i do have my philosophy final tomarrow and i need to start hardcore studying. well thats a day in my life.

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