I had nothing to offer anybody except my own confusion. ~Jack Kerouac

by khristin ann Saturday, June 26, 2004 at 8:30 PM

im sorry miss jackson

right now i am sitting in front of my computer, on a big green ball thing, without a shirt on. how strange is that? it has been a strange day so far. i didnt really feel good last night. i went into work this morinig, walked up front, and just stood there in front of adam and steve. the word 'hi' just completly escaped me and i didnt say anything. adam was just like, you just got out of bed, right? and all day he kept telling me how tired i loooked, but it wasnt even that i was tired. i was just real lightheaded. and it wasnt because i wasnt eating, i had a poptart. so i am blaming it on my birth control. so i was driving to work, enjoying my poptart and diet mountain dew (to qoute a good book, 'when you drink diet mountain dew, people judge you. pay no mind"), when i dropped my pill into the hole wehre my shifter is. and i couldnt find it anywheres. so i tried to get ahold of carrie, but i got jim. and so i asked jim for advice on birth control, and he knew. he told me that instead of taking tomarrows pill, i should just skip a day. but i think that might be the reason that ive felt so off all day.

i really wanna put the ring back in my cartilidge but the thing is, i cant do it. the amount of blood that came out is shocking. and i was pushing real hard. so i think that if i tried again, i would push it even harder. and i might cause some damage to my ear. i already have one retarded ear, i would like to keep one sane.

i work like a million hours next week, but what i am hoping is that on the days earlier in the week, i stay late a couple nights, so that at the end i will have 40 hours, so saturday they will either have to send me home early or pay me overtime. either would be good. and if this week is anything like today, i will stay at least a half hour late. so thats my life story. not too exciting, eh? oh and even though i only met phil once, i can say i have no pleasent feelings towards him. only anger.

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