I had nothing to offer anybody except my own confusion. ~Jack Kerouac

by khristin ann Monday, June 21, 2004 at 1:08 AM

yatta, yatta, yatta

things that irk kristin....
1. when it is supposed to rain on days you go to the beach
2. how ghetto our apartment is (its real ghetto, by the way. i guess it gives that away with carries two doorknobs and my three doors...)
3. how it is so cold in wisconsin that i wear sweaters in the summer
4. when im driving and i have a foot spasm and i hit either the gas or the brake REAL hard
5. Lately ive been having strange dreams about puking
6. ketchup
7. when people are real stuck up and they go outside when you enter the party
8. the color poop yellow
9. when customers tell you how to do your job
10. how it is very rare that i get a day off or sleep more than 3 hours a night
11. michael bolton
12. when you borrow someone something and expect to get it back. like that paper with the story on it that jenny borrowed to hillary. or the book that i borrowed to kira sometime during high school and havent gotten it back. i hold grudges towards things liek that
13. how i hold grudges against everything
14. how i loose everything i own
15. lately my car thinks its cool to be retarded
16. how it is so hard to get a campsite at the place you want in the state of wisconsin
17. how every month all the bills arrive during the same week, it makes it hard to decide who gets paid first
18. i look like the biggest retard in my oshkosh id
19. i set my keys down on the front porch yesterday and left them there.
20. mosquitos
21. how lately the internet has just seemed to gotten real lame. like theres nothing to do on it anymore.
22. i compulsively loose chapstick
23. how it is so hard to want to go outside and do something active. theres just never anytime when i can find someone to play tennis with.
24. the word derriere. drives me insane.
25. how my ears itch from the insides.
26. marys family restaurant.
27. doctors, and how supposidly they know everything.
28. orange juice. bad memories.
29. the fact that someone stoled my cds out of my car.
30. the lump in my neck
31. mondays
32. having more than one job
33. the whole concept of time. i just dont understand how at one point a second can seem like forever, but at other times you can just loose hours and not even realize it.
34. milli vanilli broke up.
35. when i try to cook things and they end up burnt
36. the way that the first thing i do when i get up is crack ALL my joints. if i move right, i can pop my butt bone out of place
37. i found some cool earrings that i want, but the thing is that my earrings that i have in now are real hard to change, and then it would be hard to put these back in later. oh and i am lazy.
38. breaking a nail
39. when you eat hot pizza and it burns all the skin off the top of your mouth.
40. when someone starts telling you a story, and then say 'oh well i am not supossed to tell you this so i am going to stop here' and you dont get to know the rest of the story but they want you to try to get them to tell you
41. my cellular phone
42. people with egos the size of texas
43. how some doorways are real small. for example, 30 inches
44. how i prefer even numbers to odd numbers and i always have to end everything on an even number.

Blogger Jennifer Johnson said...

By the way, I believe Milli Vanilli didn't break up, they were exposed. Their derierres were exposed.  


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