I had nothing to offer anybody except my own confusion. ~Jack Kerouac

by khristin ann Friday, July 02, 2004 at 9:14 PM

a day in the life of kristin

at point beach

I am so sunburnt. I think it is because i am unbelivably white. But I even used sunscreen and lots of it. but i still had a good time at the beach. The back of my hands are sunburnt, which is real weird. Like it looks almost as if I am getting hives on my hands. But I didnt eat salmon. Its my day off, and i really have nothing going on. Im just sitting around waiting for someone to call me cuz I am too lazy to start calling around and find out whats going on. The party will come to me. just kidding. Carrie and Jim are eating salmon. But Shane said he'd call me tonight and he hasnt yet. And everyone else is working or something.

Fireworks are tomarrow in Appleton. Leah is coming and i am real excited cuz I havent seen Leah since last summer. She sent me a postcard from Hungry. I guess she can speak some Hungarian, which is cool. But I am real excited to see her. Were trying to put together a bbq too this weekend, and ive been telling everyone about it but i dont even know if it is happening. So I should probably stop inviting people. My mom bought me plants tonight for my pots which is real cool. I have been carrying my cell phone around all day like a psycho, so that if anything i sgoing on tonight i dont miss it. But let me tell you, no one has called me all day. But thats cool, cuz this is the first time ive sat down all day. Straight from the beach i went to Cherry Meadows to visit my aunt there, and then i came home, showered, and ran those stupid errands you gotta do once your an adult. I hate being grown up.

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