I had nothing to offer anybody except my own confusion. ~Jack Kerouac

by khristin ann Thursday, July 01, 2004 at 1:37 AM

too legit, too legit to quit

today was one of those real long days, where you cant remember when it started and your sure it should have ended about 8 hours ago. i swear it should be friday, that somehow i missed thursday because my wednesday was so long. and i am so tired but i dont want to lay down till my pills kick in other wise i will just lay in bed and stare at my glow in the dark stars. and my computer gets real lonely if i dont use it frequently. i bought underwear on the internet this week. on sale.

i told jenny that the reason i am going ot go to kentucky is so that i can make a page in my scrapbook. but in all seriousness, i dont even know if i am going to go. probably because i havent hung out with shane for like a week so i havent even heard anything about it. but he called me the other night. its really hard to get a holdof someone with out a cell phone. which is the same reason why sometimes i hate my phone, because anyone can get a hold of me whenever. but see, i have no reason not to go to kentucky. because my friends have offered to move all my stuff to oshkosh. i told them if i went, i would just move in a week late, but they pointed out that: 1.half the stuff i am bringing they can use, and 2. i am not allowed to lift heavy things because of my joints. carrie said i would have to wear leather though. and carries mom said, dont go on a harley. cuz carries mom doesnt like harleys. she has a honda motorcycle. and carrie has a honda crv. but shane has a harley and thats what hes going to kentucky on.

they call it an eject button for a reason.

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