I had nothing to offer anybody except my own confusion. ~Jack Kerouac

by khristin ann Friday, July 23, 2004 at 10:48 PM

dont insult the captain

I am very lonely. I have no internet, no tv, and no roomates. They left me Thursday for the great outdoors and arent coming home til sunday. I really wish i was camping with them but life sucks when you gotta work. So I force Juliane to hang out with me. Actually we had alot of fun. And she cooked me breakfast. ROCK ON. they make fun of me because Carrie is the mom cuz she cooks and cleans, Jenny is the dad that "brings home  the bacon", which leaves me being the little baby.

Hey, if I have any of your numbers in my cell phone, and you recieved a call from my phone around 11 this morning from some random guy, I apologize now. We were bored, and looking for people to hang out with, so Shane was dialing through my phone and leaving crazy messages. The only person we got ahold of was my sister. and she was working at the bar and watching days because bars really arent that busy in the early daytime hours. My favorite message was the one he lefft Sam, which was "Hey Sam this is Kristin, give me a call back." The reason this is funny is because hes a guy and not me. Ok i guess it doesnt make for a good story, but it was really funny this morning. HA. We drank captain last night. A whole bottle as a matter of fact. Im not sure whose bottle of captain it was, but as soon as I find out i am going to replace it. Hey, if you put a brand new bottle of captain morgan in the cupboard of an apartment and leave for a weekend, dont expect your liquor to be there on your return. BECAUSE WE DRANK IT.

I dont think the downstairs neighbor is too fond of us. Just a hunch. Thats why I am not there right now, so that i am not annoying her with my throwing things across the room and all the thumps. Actually, I am not there right now because I am bored out of my mind. Like i said, no tv, no internet. And all my friends are MIA. except Katie just called me back. So I am going to go hang out with her.  hasta la vista.

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