I had nothing to offer anybody except my own confusion. ~Jack Kerouac

by khristin ann Wednesday, July 07, 2004 at 12:25 AM

milk and cereal, milk and cereal

"The man's lips-like the lips of nearly all bearded men-looked wet and naked, a trifle indecent, shining pink in among all that hair" -Omnibus, Roald Dahl

Sound familiar, Carrie? I love Roald Dahl. Hes the craziest man I know. His stories are so messed up, and I love it. And they dont all end happy. Most of them dont. And I like that, everything doesnt have to have a happy ending because everything is not perfect. I like the kind of stories where it ends and your just sitting there with your jaw open screaming out profanities. Because that is life.

I just had a Taco Bell date with Jenny. First time in like a week. I think i was going through Taco Bell withdrawls. I am going through Sublime withdrawls. And Shane withdrawls, because I have not seen him in like 3 days. That is because between the two of us we work too much to ever hang out. Oh and he is impossible to get ahold, no cellular. He better hang out with me tomarrow. He has to, or else. I promised Jenny I would not buy anything off the internet. ANYTHING. until she says so. Because I am BROKE and I would like to be able to afford rent so my friends dont kick me out.

I took a nap today, the first time since school got out. That explains why I am in the weirdest mood. I am totally listening to early 90's pop on my computer. And liking it. I went grocery shopping with Carrie tonight. Did you know Woodmans is open 24 hours? I did not. Nor carrie, or Jenny. They say you learn something new everyday. I also learned today that I dont like Ashley Simpson. I love Jessica, and I love Nick. But Ashley- no likey. I get to hang out with my kids tomarrow and i am excited. I am going to a Doors concert with my whole family. I am actually excited, but not as much as Nicole. she was so excited when we saw Jim Morrison's pants in Florida that she bit me. I am kind of afraid that I wont leave the concert still living. Shaken Baby Syndrome or soemthing. Chronic Wasting Disease. I dont know what she is going to do to me this time.

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