I had nothing to offer anybody except my own confusion. ~Jack Kerouac

by khristin ann Thursday, August 05, 2004 at 2:48 PM

pills that taste like jelly?

today i decided that being all grown up is not cool. heres are the reasons why-

1. they charge you 18 cents a month to be able to call 911 from your home phone. 18 CENTS! that means that i have to cover 6 cents of that a month. do you know what i could be doing with 6 cents? i could pay for the tax on a pack of gum. or, i could save my six cents for 4 months, and in that time find a penny, take all that to the bank, get a nice shiny quarter, and buy myself a ring. or a sticker.

2. work. i hate working, but i hate when i dont get enough hours. someone out there should just pay me for being cool. or pay me for something i am good at, like being lazy.

3. they changed the belle on days and this affects my life greatly. i really liked the old belle. not only was she pretty, but she was a good actress. this girl is neither. she is annoying. i dont want shawn to come out of the love cage and come back to her, and i dont want her to end up with phillip. i like shawn and i like phillip and i wouldnt want that to happen to either of them. oh and i dont want kate and john to be together. john black is the coolest and i hate kate. effective immeditaly.

4. it is a lot cheaper to get an enema than birth control. can you explain that?

5. everyone wants to grow up and get married. not me. im not gonna get married for a long time. because right now i dont want to. i dont want to be in relationship because i dont want someone else to be able to tell me what to do. and i dont mean i want to go out whoring around, i just dont want to be tied down.

6. i am so mad at sbc. we still dont have the internet. they said we didnt have an order placed for a modem. i know i placed it. i did. and so we cant have the internet for a couple more days. we stayed home from going up north to hook up the internet. and we didnt get the internet. so me and carrie spent the day watching judge joe brown and scrapbooking then we went on a date with jim. (i just used the d word jenny)

7. you can get cancer of anything. cancer of the lip, cancer of the bladder, cancer of the tounge, for real. ANYTHING. "he had cancer of the butthole, whats that called again?" "colon cancer" "oh yeah thats right."

8. I have a rash all over my arms and it causes my friends to not want to sleep in my bed. yes, we live in a 3 bedroom apartment but all 3 of us sleep in my bed. its like a party in my bed everynight.

9. i came over here to use the internet and my mom has no good food in the house.

10. i havent watched milk and cereal in a long time.

11. they dont pick up our mail everyday. they only take our mail when we have mail coming into our mailbox. otherwise they dont check it.

12. i am so hard up for money right now its not cool. ive given up on ever seeing the money that ive borrowed out.

13. our couch smells like feet. or day old crotch. but i say its feet.

on a happier note, i am getting my prom dress drycleaned. i am going to wear it next saturday and it is going to be awesome. except i work until 530. i get to show up late to my own party. me and carrie baked cookies the other day and we wore marys aprons. well i only have two, a black one and a green one. but we wore them. and i went to the store to buy 8 sticks of butter. i felt like an idiot. i tried balancing my checkbook, and somehow it says i have like an extra 75 dollars in my account than what i have figured out. so i am confused. i am going to try to refigure it out tomarrow. thats my plan of action. i rode on a harley. i cant wait until we get the internet. we listen to savage garden almost every night and it is awesome. AWESOME. thats all.

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