I had nothing to offer anybody except my own confusion. ~Jack Kerouac

by khristin ann Sunday, July 25, 2004 at 5:05 PM

we are young, heartache to heartache we stand

Why did they get a new Belle? I dont like her, I think shes realwhiney and annoying. I definatly like the old Belle so much more. Why did they do this to me? Stop the insanity lisa marie. Juliane wrote me this lovely poem that is taped up by my bed that i get the pleasure of reading all the time. It rhymes. Its really a great work of poetry. My co-inhabitors are coming home today and i get to hear about Dole and I cant wait. They wouldnt tell me anything else. I realized last night that I dont know the password for our voicemail. Not that anyone has our house number and would leave us a message anyways. Except my mom, and Joe. And I cant check it. I am really sick of my job. But I have off next weekend, for no reason. and i am really excited. Ive been drinking cranberry juice like crazy to cure my aching kidneys. I am giving Carrie one of my kidneys in exchange for her uterus. I just went grocery shopping with my mom and got so much food its crazy. More food than i will ever be able to eat on my own. Thats why i got two roomates, to consume the food that I buy. Ive noticed that our floor slopes in quite a few places. The most obvious is the bathroom floor. Our whole front porch is sloped, I almost fell offf it when I went to go get the mail. Everytime I do something that makes me look retarded,  I think about how funny it was when i fell over in church last week, and landed flat on my back in the pew. I dont know if that beats the time in New York when we were walking to the elevator in the hotel, and as soon as we stopped walking, I fell completely over, Like i landed flat on my ass in the middle of the hotel. It was rather strange. I am off centered though because of my complicated ear bones, that throws my whole balance off. And the lump in my neck weighs me down on one side. just kidding.

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