I had nothing to offer anybody except my own confusion. ~Jack Kerouac

by khristin ann Saturday, October 30, 2004 at 1:13 PM

its so easy, happy go lucky

Dont worry guys, we found the house we are going to live in next year. Its a whole house, and not only does it have closets, it has a basement. Carrie doesnt like it when you call her sappy cappy. I have some permanent red marks on my arm from my wrist brace. The other day, I was replacing our paper towel holder (which is 10 feet in the air and really hard to reach) when a can of canned corn jumped off the chair and landed right on my toe. That really hurt. I dont even like canned corn. I prefer my vegetables frozen. Unless its green beans, I like green beans any way I can get them. I love green beans. I got the most sleep last night that I have gotten in like the last two months. I definitely have over 40 hours in this week. Total cool, because I am BROKE. And we are putting down a security deposit on the house. When we move, I wont have a bed. Sad, I know. But I will have a closet. Right now I have nowhere to put my shoes so I lack the motivation to clean my room because everything thats on my floor really has no place to go. My car needs to get fixed, which is not cool because then I wont have any money to get Christmas presents. Not that I have the money to get Christmas presents, that is what my credit card is for. But not if I use it to get my car fixed. Well I could always just use my other credit card, but I dont want to end up with 2 credit cards that are completely maxed out. Plus one of my credit cards is solely to buy gas. we have candy in our kitchen for 'emergency snacks'. Supposidly, Carrie needs emergency snacks because she lives with us. I guess me and Jenny drive Carrie completley nuts.

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