I had nothing to offer anybody except my own confusion. ~Jack Kerouac

by khristin ann Wednesday, October 27, 2004 at 10:41 PM

mom, your just jealous, its the BEASTIE BOYS

Carrie wont hang out with me. Im bored. I could be doing my homework, but homework is for ninnies. I killed my wrist last night. I jumped onto the Hasselhoff, and it was like instant severe pain. And all day my hand has been going numb. But not like the normal numb feeling, more like when youve been sitting on your foot too long and it hurts so bad you cant move it but it is still numb. Just like that. But life will go on, right?

I totally parked my car IN THE BACKYARD when I got home. I prefer to park on the end (I dont know why, I just get so obsesive compulsive about where I park my car) and I thought Carrie was parked close enough to the porch that I could fit on the other side of her. But I couldnt. So, my car is just chilling in the backyard. I really dont like the fact that there is a giant hole in our driveway. One of these days I know I will blow out a tire or something. I also dont really like the fact that our landlord is creepy. But thats a whole nother story. (Is nother a word?) I talked to the landlord the other day. When both my roommates were out of town. My bed looks so nice and warm. But I have a test Friday and studying would be in my best interest. Life's tough when you lack motivation. I am so obsessive compulsive when it comes to playing solitare that I can only play an even number of games. Strange but true. Today I choked on a french fry. And then a couple minutes later, I did it again. I thought I was going to die, right there at work. But I survived.

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