I had nothing to offer anybody except my own confusion. ~Jack Kerouac

by khristin ann Friday, December 10, 2004 at 1:18 AM


That is actually the name of the song I am listening to. And a very good question. I think the downstairs neighbor hates me. For real. I think it is because I listen to Dope to get the energy to study. And I tend to like my music loud. And I dont really care about being nice to her anymore. She's weird. I blew out the fuse in my power strip just before. I was all freaking out, so I called my dad and woke him up. Because I thought I actually blew out a fuse, because my lamp, my computer, and my phone charger suddenly turned off. I am reading a chapter right now in my social work book about the elderly. And it's real sad, because like all the benefits they qualify for, for like partial-disability, I have the same problems. And nobody is handing me money. Actually, I got another loan payment to pay. I am thinking about legally changing my name and dropping out of school and quit with all these loans. And just work on the corner. Because I would be better off. I would have more money even if I was supporting my heroin addiction. My high quality education is robbing me off all the money that I have borrowed from various banks. And it interupts my precious sleep time. And my do nothing time. But I shower more than my roommates. I almost rode my bike into this large cement block yesterday. Tragic. I think I am going to just start standing in the middle of the road, waiting to get hit by a car. Even if it is just at like 2 mph. I could claim all my injuries were from the car accident and sue. Then I would have some money to pay my loan whores. And my doctor. I have to do real good on my german final and my geo final, because I am failing geo and I am close to failing german. And I am failing history, but there is no way around that. But the way I see it is, that if I just fail all my finals, they will kick me out of school anyways. And that would solve roughly 72% of my problems.

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