I had nothing to offer anybody except my own confusion. ~Jack Kerouac

by khristin ann Monday, March 14, 2005 at 10:35 PM

I hate my job

I'm real bitter today. I was at work for around 9 hours and I accomplished nothing, mostly because I didn't want to do anything. My goal is to hit OT this week because I have almost 40 hours and I can probably stay late and drag it out to overtime. So I can be rich. So I had an interview with the LP, Matt, and he pretty much said I had the job (FEC, which is a supervising job) and he said I would just have to have an interview with the store manager (who I know likes me on most days). Then Matt turns around and tells my manager that I couldn't handle the job. So I can't have it. I really want to punch him in the face. He sat there telling me random stories from his life, then would ask the strangest hypothetical question that would never ever happen and he expected me to have an answer. It doesn't matter to him that I am actually doing the job and I know everything there already is to know about the job. Seriously. This guy is so crazy and perverted. On inventory day, he seriously told so many dirty jokes and made so many disgusting comments, it was crossing the line. We are getting a new LP next month, who hopefully is a little more sane, because I am getting another interview with the new guy.

The other thing that is pissing me off is school. I realized that I am a lot farther behind than I thought. I have to find out if I can take some of the basic classes all at once instead of in order, because I think I have to start with a freshman english class and work my way up. It is so confusing, because I can't tell what my transferred credits count for. The other person I would enjoy punching in the face is my advisor for calling in sick. And the other advisor who I was supposed to see but some other girl was there. She was a journalism major, and was having this HUGE crisis. She talked obnoxiously loud that I pretty much heard everything she said. I would like to punch her in the face too, for being annoying.

I went to pick n save to buy something to eat, and ended up with a loaf of bread, cream cheese (which I can't eat, but it was the only thing I could remember from the list), some pasta, diet sprite, and peanut butter MnM's. Guess what I am going to have for dinner. Peanut butter MnMs it is.

I watched Days today and everything is so different, I have no idea what is going on. You wouldn't think that by missing thurs and fri I would have missed this much information, but I have. And I can't watch it again until fri. I really need to know what is going on. My life tends to revolve around what happens in my soap opera. In platteville, we were looking at some of Ashley's magazines, and there was an ad for Philip and Belle's wedding. Jenny totally ripped it out (while I coughed to cover the noise). Pretty exciting. I have found what I want my hair to look like.

I decided that since my day totally sucked and my spring break is going to be a horrible week of work, that I can consume as much alcohol as I see fit. I am anxiously awaiting my roommates arrivals, to make margaritas. We haven't made maragaritas or rum runner in a long time. Or had 'roommate drunk night' in awhile. I haven't worn my 2 hot 2 handle shirt in such a long time.

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