I had nothing to offer anybody except my own confusion. ~Jack Kerouac

by khristin ann Tuesday, March 08, 2005 at 11:52 PM


This picture right here sums up my Saturday night. We made a 'drink buffet', making up different drinks with our fine assortment of alcohol. Wyatt has outdone himself, he made a shot more repulsive than 'tasty death'. I couldn't even breathe. Here is some advice I learned the hard way - if Wyatt makes you a shot, you are probably better off refusing to take it. Unless it is kiddy cocktail. He did make a shot named 'Fred' which, if I remember correctly, was the only other shot that was good. The rest I would have been content never tasting. But life goes on.

So I got this frog this weekend from some girl I don't know, and her name is Isabella. (Kinda like John Black's deceased wife, pre-Marlena. Thats where Belle gets her name from.) She's kind of a funny frog though because she sits on top of my snail and he doesn't seem to mind. One of the plants in my tank is growing like crazy, its taking over. I don't know how my aquatic friends have enough space to live.

It's almost my birthday. The big 21. Kinda exciting. I'm taking off the whole weekend, because there is not much time during the weekend that I will be sober. And my weekend is starting Wednesday at midnight. So if anyone wants to go to the bars with me on the weekend of the 31st, I'll already be there.

Lately the internet has been rather lame by my standards, so I have played a lot of solitare on my computer. And I am reading two really good books (one of which was compiled by Roald Dahl). I haven't been sleeping as much as the average person, but thats nothing new. I have a porkchop in the fridge that I never get around to eating. I have an ugly green dress in the backseat of my car that reeks of urine. I was walking home from school today, and I happened to run into Shane. Out of all the streets around campus, why would he park his car on my street? He knows I walk to class. And last time I checked, we weren't on speaking terms. I have a test in my math lab tomorrow morning and I am going to get there early because I want to get a computer with a floppy drive because I don't have any zip disks. You would think they would put a floppy drive on every computer in the lab, but no. They don't. I really think college is a place that is made for torture. Seriously.

We are going to Platteville this weekend. I am going to hang out all day friday by myself in a house where I have never met 3 of the guys that live there. Unless Carrie comes with us Thursday night. Then it will be me and Carrie and a bunch of guys she knows but I do not. And of course Jim and Wyatt. And ashley (not the Ashley that is dating Pat Timper...). My little brother is not aware of how much fun he is going to have this weekend.

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