I had nothing to offer anybody except my own confusion. ~Jack Kerouac

by khristin ann Wednesday, January 18, 2006 at 12:12 AM

I brought the money, like the lawyers said to do

This morning when I was in the shower I was totally jamming out to some Bob Marley that was stuck in my head. Have you ever tried to dance and shampoo your hair at the same time? it was quite a task. Right now I am avoiding my 'reflection' paper for my rural soc class. I better start it soon though, as it is due at 9 am tomorrow and I just took all my drugs. We know what happens after I take my sleeping pills.....to sum it up in one word - KENT!!!! I have an interview tomorrow and I am all nervous and stuff. If I get the position that means I have to go out and buy nice clothes to wear. I have been on a jewelry making rampage lately. You should see what I have. I tried to sell a purple jasper ring I made to some of the guys at work. No takers. I wonder why. Usually I leave a glass of water on my computer desk to take my pills with at night, but all week there has been this half gone can of beer on my desk. and every night, I count my pills out, and take them with a swallow of old, warm beer. And every night I think about how gross that is. Here are the things I have lost today -- my blue mittens, my black mittens, my tea ball, and my birth control. I think the furnace man robbed us blind. I am so afraid I am going to bomb this interview that everyone was trying to give me tips at work tonight. But that is just making it worse, because now I have more to think about. Hopefully my charming personality and stunningly good looks will win him over. My hands are so cold thanks to this goddamn freezer we live in. I cannot hear the teapot whistle when I am upstairs listening to the Doors and the stove is downstairs in the kitchen. I drank too much cranberry juice last week, due to my aching kidney and the infection that came with it, that my tounge is sore. Sometimes I hate being in my body. At 21 I am not supposed to have bad joints and poorly functioning organs. But I do. I have been to more doctors in my life than most elderly have. All I need is a cane to beat the little kiddies with and you can call me grannie. Although at work, I am not the only one that has to take painkillers when it starts to rain. I had gardettos and peanut butter mnms for dinner. I need to remember to stop at my mom and dad's tomorrow to borrow the drill. But i will probably forget. I better start this paper.

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