I had nothing to offer anybody except my own confusion. ~Jack Kerouac

by khristin ann Sunday, February 12, 2006 at 8:36 PM

potato pancakes

Another dream (not as gory).....Sheila and I drove very far to get to a random Chinese restaurant inside some random mall. She ordered potato pancakes. It reminded me of how Leah always wrote 'potato' as 'potatoe' because she liked it better. Crazy, crazy Leah. I feel like lately more people have been leaving my life rather than entering it. it's kinda sad.

Tonight at work I got to use the phrase, "Kiss my black ass". This is half true. Half my ass is black and purple, due to an incident I had with the staircase. Some days I feel like a battered child that is trying to hide the truth from his friends and teacher. In the last two weeks, I scraped my knee walking drunk, I reopened the nasty wound after slipping on some ice, I walked into a register which left me with a nasty bruise, and, to top it off, I fell down the stairs (again). Part of the reason they keep me employeed at Dick's Sporting Goods is because I always have a story to tell, that usually ends up involving me showcasing a cut, bruise, or scar. Yes, they wanted to see my ass. No, I kept it in my pants because if the LP saw that on the camera, goodbye job. I did show off my ass to parts of my family on saturday though. It is really bad, and it is going to stay bruised for a long time. I have an incredibly slow healing rate.

I have been home from work for 45 minutes, and I haven't been wearing any pants. I can't find them. I think they are downstairs, but its warm in my room and cold everywhere else. I don't want to open my door because, to quote Jenny, "I've been saving this warm air all day".

I want to go somewhere. I want to get out of here for awhile. I'm bored. I work too much, I'm a full time student, and I have a hobby that takes up what little free time I have (in a good way, because I enjoy it) and yet I'm bored. If anyone wants to go on vacation, I made $50 today selling jewelry. Thats a down payment.

There is left over Toppers in our fridge calling my name, silent H and all....

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