I had nothing to offer anybody except my own confusion. ~Jack Kerouac

by khristin ann Wednesday, July 05, 2006 at 6:03 PM

the joys of the craft store

I am using my computer at my parents house because (big surprise) like everything else at the orphanage, the internet connection is not top quality. So I am on my computer in the dry bar. I am not allowed to call this a closet, I face much opposition from the family. I don't see the difference; it's not like they actually keep alcohol in here. Just my computer and they run a couple of printers. I actually feel rather lame with a chair pulled up and my back to the living room because i am facing the inside of a closet, but that's not the point.

Here are some things people have actually said to me this week:
"I'd use non-toxic paint. 'hey man, why's your casserole all green and stuff?' 'Don't worry, it's non-toxic. GO PACKERS!!'"
"Want to join my Quidditch team?"
"A little glam for the Sam"
"Soccer would be a lot more interesting if the ball was actually a hand grenade that just randomly exploded every now and then."
"Kristin, just tell people your color blind and thats why you can't match your clothes"
"Yeah, I can't donate blood because I might have Mad Cow Disease. Seriously."
"I turn 21 in one year, so you have one year to make some friends to go out with me on my birthday"
"I wanted 38 mouse traps and the guy at Home Depot laughed at me like I wasn't serious"

at one point in the last week I thought I was being called a drunken whore. I turned around because I was offended and I was told, "Honey, I wouldn't call you a whore, but you do have a drinking problem." Thanks.

On that note, I am going craft store shopping. I LOVE CRAFT STORE SHOPPING. It's my favorite kind of shopping. I'm so excited. My mom is jealous that she is doing yard work right now and can't come with. If I had any friends, I bet they would be jealous too. I need some black velvet. For what, you may be asking. Just wait and see.

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