I had nothing to offer anybody except my own confusion. ~Jack Kerouac

by khristin ann Tuesday, August 10, 2004 at 11:40 AM

everything you ever wanted to know about me

i have 20 min until days is on, so here are some random facts pertaining to my life the last couple of days.

1. i got jennys herpes. not in a dirty way, i am talking oral herpes.

2. my keyboard is really dusty.

3. if you are going to walk to the mailbox at 1030 pm, make sure the set of keys you grab has at least one key to one of the doors to your house. otherwise, you are stuck wandering oshkosh looking at all the lions until someone else comes home.

4. ive worn the same pair of jeans the last three days, which is not gross because most of my days are spent in my work pants. so it is probably grosser that ive worn the same pair of pants to work for the last three days. the more i wear the same clothes, the less laundry i have.

5. it is impossible to shave your legs in our shower. impossible.

6. i am in love with roald dahl. he is just about the strangest man in the whole world and i love his stories. i just read the creepiest story in my roald dahl book, it was called 'pig'. it was really really really good.

7. i bought a stapler.

8. i was cleaning the other day and i realized that i have 4 deoderants that are all open and all half gone. the reason is, everytime i cant find my deoderant, i open one.

9. my life is so much better now that we have the internet.

10. our hide-a-bed smells real bad, but jenny sleeps on it anyways.

11. take that giggle to the backyard and air it out.

12. my friends are so obsessed with marriage, it is on the verge of creepy. they go to ashcroft and oak to look at engagement rings.

13. my hand fat hurts real bad.

14. i dont want my credit card bill to be huge, so instead of using my credit card i just write out bad checks.

15. ive been talking to jenny online. let me remind you that i live with jenny. yes, we are in separate rooms of the same house, and we are talking on the internet.

16. last night everyone came in my room at separate times to use my computer. shannon was a bit confused because he made sure that all our computers had the internet, so then we pointed out that we always hang out in my room.

17. my personal hell really would be stuck doing richard simmons forever always in 80s clothes. turn straight.

18. my mom mailed me a letter.

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