I had nothing to offer anybody except my own confusion. ~Jack Kerouac

by khristin ann Friday, November 05, 2004 at 11:48 PM

cant touch this

I'm real bored. I was going to go get a movie from family video, but it is already after 1130. By the time I actually get up and put some shoes on and find my keys and stuff, I'll never get there on time. So I am working on making my way into the living room to watch some tv.

I cant go to school anymore. I have a 3 second attention span. Everytime I try to read a page in a textbook, I get nowhere. I finish one page, start looking around the room, then I look back at my book and try to figure out where I was. And I end up just starting over, and I realize I cannot remember anything I read. I am retaining absolutly no knowledge. I also cant stay awake for more than 10 minutes at a time when I am sitting still. This is why I am failing history and my other grades are only going downhill. I have failed at least one test in EVERY single one of my classes. Ive never done this bad before. I just dont get it.

I got a plaque at work for being employee of the month. I dont know what I am going to do with it. I am going to turn my bedroom into an office, and hang my employee of the month plaque up with all my diplomas. And when I say all my diplomas, I mean starting from my 6th grade diploma going up through my associate's degree. I am going to frame them all. Dr. Kristin is in the house.

I started buying Christmas presents today. Yeah, I know it is real early. But I am real broke, and if I dont start now, I will never ever be able to afford anything. So I got a good start. And I am even more broke. My feet are like ice cubes. I wish Carrie was here so that I could stick my feet in her pockets. When they leave me for the weekend, the house gets insanely cold. I might turn into an ice sculpture or something. You never know. My goal in life is to be very hyperspastic at 630 am when me and Carrie are working out. Every weekend Jenny says we are going to watch a movie and eat some popcorn. But nobody likes popcorn but me. And yet Jenny talks about it every weekend. I just dont understand. I live with a bunch of lunitics. I think they are corrupting my fragile little mind.

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