I had nothing to offer anybody except my own confusion. ~Jack Kerouac

by khristin ann Tuesday, November 09, 2004 at 9:04 PM

no sleep til brooklyn

get ready (haha) for the longest blog ever. sorry for the torture, but since I quit studying I have nothing better to do then explain my uneventful life.

I was laying in Carrie's bed last night (since I stalk her around the house) and I was talking about Trading Spaces (Hilde did a room that actually wasnt that bad) and somehow, SOMEHOW, I said satan instead of satin. And I totally didnt realize it. Oops. I asked Jenny what it meant to her to be a lifelong learner, and she replied, "I like learning, I like life, and I like things that are long."

I trained this new guy at work, Creepy Craig. He is just so strange, he is very off in the head. I was seriously ready to kill him by 530 tonight. I am training him again ALL DAY thursday. And he seriously will not remember anything I told him today. I have introduced myself to this guy like 12 million times this week, when he was in filling out paper work and watching the movie and stuff, and today he came up to me and was like, 'hi, I'm Craig, whats your name?' And I was like, uh oh, this is going to be a fun day. I cannot even describe how weird this guy is. Very weird. And he just doesnt understand anything. I feel like I've spent a whole day explaining how things go down at Dick's for the pure enjoyment of my life. I do not think this guy has ever seen a television set before. He is just that weird. So weird, I cant even deal with it. It's the kind of weird that makes you lock your doors at night and makes you look over your shoulder when walking through a dark alley.

I got my car half fixed. I am never going to be able to afford the other half. Who needs an intermident steering shaft anyways? Not me, thats fo sho.

Last night, I got to wear my new workout pants. I went to go work out. Me and Carrie were going to work out at 630 am this morning, and it went kinda like this-- I looked at my alarm when it went off and thought to myself, 'No way Jose'. And I guess Carrie had the same thought because she actually got out of bed to come and tell me that she didnt want to get out of bed to work out. So we both went back to sleep. So much for motivation.

Today at work I got yelled at by this lady because in Kansas City, Missouri, the sales tax is 7% and here in good old Wisconsin it is 5%. We cannot refund sales tax differences. She threw a fit. So I opened my drawer and handed her the goddamn 40 cents. And then, roughly a half hour later, this guy kept being a smartass because me and Cait would not carry his gun back. We are told not to touch guns. There are guys who are stupid enough to leave ammo in the chamber when they bring in their guns, and for saftey purposes, we do not touch guns. AT ALL. I dont want to die at work. That would be the worst place to die. And so we were trying to get one of the Lodge guys to come pick up the gun (because they know how to check the chamber), and they were busy back there (big surprise, since its like hunting season and everything) and this guy kept saying, "Well here's an idea, why dont one of you carry the gun back for me?" and he said that like 5 times. We tried explaining that it is company policy that if you dont know a thing about firearms you do not touch them. And he kept on saying, "I got a great idea, why dont one of you walk me back?" and he looked at his watch every five seconds. It's like, sorry to be wasting your day but I am playing by the law. I dont need to be a convict.

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