I had nothing to offer anybody except my own confusion. ~Jack Kerouac

by khristin ann Tuesday, July 26, 2005 at 1:24 AM


Jenny likes to play this game where she hides in random places around the house and creeps me out. She says she is not hiding, but I know the truth. You can't be that creepy on accident. On the way home from taco bell Jenny sang all the songs she knows about pockets. It was amazing. If she were to compete in the Miss America pagent, that could be her talent. "Yeah, I know a lot of songs about pockets."

We had quite a weekend. It all started when we went to the wrong wedding ceremony. It was very embarrassing. This other wedding was just ending as we ran in, soaking wet from the rain. Everyone stared. Then, we would have made it to the reception without getting lost, but Sheila accidentally put concealer on her lips and it was the funniest thing we ever saw. So we missed our turn. Kira said the greatest line ever to the creepy guys that were hitting on us in the bar. He asked for Kira's number then said, "So is it ok if I call you sometime?" To which Kira replied, "Yeah, but I can't guarantee I will answer it." And he did call after we got back to the hotel. Did she answer it? Nope. At the reception we were told there was a shuttle that would take us back to the hotel so we could drink to our heart's content. Well, at the end of the night, we were informed there really was no shuttle. So Matt the bartender brought us to the hotel in a minivan, and had to come back for us the next morning. I felt so bad for Juliane because she was so sick and can't talk.

I am so broke I could not buy air to breathe if it came down to it. Well basically that just means that pretty soon I am going to be taking out another loan, on top of the financial aid that I will be receiving after school starts. It partly has to do with the fact that I always end up writing out the bills and I never get paid back, which means I have borrowed some large sums of money from my parents. And that is money they need back rather quickly. I really suck at being a grown up. I bet Vanilla Ice makes a better grown up than me.

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