I had nothing to offer anybody except my own confusion. ~Jack Kerouac

by khristin ann Wednesday, May 11, 2005 at 12:50 AM

la eduardo

I learned some new Spanish words today. For some reason, my sheet became disconnected from my bed. I don't like sleeping on the plain mattress, so I have been sleeping all curled up on whatever part of the sheet I could find (because I am too lazy to put it back on). Carrie made my bed for me last night, and I slept all sprawled out. And I wanted to throw up. I am never eating pudding again. Or anything made from milk. Or Jello. Jello really grosses me out. Jenny put some jello by my MGD, so I had to put my beer on the coffee table without a coaster to keep it safe from the jello. And I CANNOT stand it when people put things on the coffee table without a coaster. After finals are done I am going to clean like crazy, I just keeping hiding my stuff under the coffee table. And my room is kinda a mess. Its because I went to the public library and checked out some books. I even got a large print book.

You know you are not functioning at your age level when someone says the word 'duty' and you laugh at it. And when Jenny owes you $69 and you think it is funny. I don't really wanna grow up and get a real job. If you think you have a personality disorder, talk to Carrie. Because even if you don't, she'll give you one. Jenny is a hysterectomy.

I sat down on my computer and started playing Snood, thats when I lost track of time. Snood is just one of those games you play when you are bored. It does not require any skill. It is a game where you start doing really bad, then you think no one is ever going to love you in life because you can't even beat a level on the most worthless computer game ever. Then your hand spasms and suddenly you cleared out half the screen with a lucky shot.

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