I had nothing to offer anybody except my own confusion. ~Jack Kerouac

by khristin ann Thursday, May 19, 2005 at 10:50 PM

our house smells like aquarium

I almost for sure have the job at Target. Sweet, huh? I have nothing to put in my calendar on my computer and it is kinda sad. I have nothing going on all month. It is impossible to find a book on how to care for a venus flytrap. I'm serious. I tried the APL, and all they had were children's books (with very exciting photographs). I went to Barnes and Noble today, and I could not find ANYTHING that talked about venus flytraps or carnivorous plants. I looked on Amazon, ebay, and Half.com, and I found nothing but children's books again. Seriously, there has to be more people out there who need expert advice on caring for a venus flytrap. Every web page I read has conflicting information. I am just so confused. And all I learned today is when you turn on a plant light bulb do not stare directly into the light. It is real bright. Jim's enormous goldfish does not fit in a tiny cup. Last night at the Reptile Palace I realized that if I really wanted to, I could walk home. I wouldn't have to worry about retreiving my car in the morning because I have control of two vehicles while Jenny is in Costa Rica. Jenny called my cellular phone today and left a message. I was going to call back when I got home but I forgot. Anyways, what do you say when you call another country? They will be like "Hola" and I will be all like "Hi, is Jenny there?" Because I don't know how to say that in Espanol. I don't even know how to ask for the bologna with the olives in the middle. I am sick of this rainy weather, it is really affecting my joints.

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