I had nothing to offer anybody except my own confusion. ~Jack Kerouac

by khristin ann Thursday, April 29, 2004 at 1:48 PM

i burned a cd the other day, and i made sure there were no songs on it that i already have burned on a cd. that is something new for me, i just burn the same songs all the time. but not the other day. it is all new for me. i am workin on a ten page paper on pulp fiction. i was watching the movie today, and all i could think about is what those guys claim as work to the irs for taxes. i dont think 'hitmen' is a government appropriate job. but those guys throw around money like crazy. so how do they claim employment?

ok the thing that really irks me is that john knows marlena is the killer but he has been denying it for like three weeks. i dont care that he loves 'doc', but out of the concern for his own life, and everyone else in salem, why doesnt he convict her? why? he keeps telling everyone shes not the killer but he saw her in the graveyard after doug was killed, and she tried to kill him on the balcony. why does he have to be so stupid?

my goal of the summer is to pick one major and stick with it. i dont know how well that is going to work, but we all have to have goals, right? i am really excited for summer though because we are moving and stuff. and we get to decorate that place like crazy. even though it will look tacky cuz none of our furnature matches or even comes close. it is very eccelctic in a tacky way. i dont like deoderant when it has a reallly strong scent because i dont like knowing that something that smells that good is coming from my armpits. it just doesnt seem right. i dont get why in america we dont use the metric system. well all scientists do. but why dont us normal people? conversions are so much easier like there are 1000 milliliters in one liter and 1000 milligrams in one gram instead of having to know that there are 12 inches in a foot and 3 feet in a yard and 5128 feet in a mile. i just dont get it. like if we started now teaching it to kids in elementary schools as the standard way of measuring, eventually it will become what we know to measure. and it would be quite a bit easier.

sometimes when i am driving down the highway with my windows down, i start to think like leah - well gas is 1.82 a gallon and i am wasting gas by having the windows down.....but then i think, well what is better than going 75 miles an hour, with the windows down, listening to pat benetar? nothing compares to that. things come close, but you just cant beat that. love really is a battefield, you know. so no matter what leah says about rolling down windows or using the ac, i am going to do it anyways.

by khristin ann at 1:51 AM

jenny i am just reminding you that i am the kind of person that carries sharpies around with them. they call them fingers but they dont fing.

by khristin ann Tuesday, April 27, 2004 at 10:35 PM

so i thought i would donate blood today and be a good citizen of the fox valley, but i cant. wanna know why this time? my pulse is too fast. isnt that crazy? whats even crazier is the last time i went to the doctor and she took my pulse, she also said my pulse was on the high end. but then they said they didnt want my blood. i even passed my iron test this time. and she said my piercing was ok because she knows third dimension is clean so i dont have any crazy diseases (jenny has aids, not me) but that just about ruined my day. oh and its tuesdays and i hate tuesdays. i hate my chem lab group, i hate chem all together. only one more week of lab though, so i think i can make it. my group likes to think i am mentally incompinent and i cant do anything. every time i make a suggestion on how to do a problem, they ignore me and go about the hard way to do it. i know i am not right all the time, or even most of the time. but i would say it would be close to half the time. and if they would listen to me half the time, we would get work done much faster. but no. and the funny thing is, we just had a real hard test in there. i am the only one in my group that recieved a passing grade on the test (it was a c on the lower end, but it is still passing) so i dont get where they get this idea that i am the biggest idiot. maybe its because i drop things. i broker a beaker a couple weeks ago.

i got my oil changed today and they vaccummed out my car and it is so nice. so fresh and so clean clean. i graduate so soon. its like 3 weeks. a half of a college degree. how cool is that? i am so ready for summer, there is so much i have to do this summer. i have a pile of books i want to read because i am addicted to reading. and i need to re-learn the german language before i take the class next semester because i am starting at a 4th semester german level and i havnt had any contact with the language in 2 years. and i think i want to learn another language, probably spanish but maybe french. just so i can be multilingual. and when it gets warm we are going camping because camping with my friends is always a good time. always. even though i am always the one to forget the big things, for example the tent poles. or a lawn chair. or the stakes for the tent. basically, if i say i am going to bring something, chances are i forget it. its homework time. party on wayne. party on garth.

by khristin ann Saturday, April 24, 2004 at 10:20 PM

i have decided today that i lead just about the boringest life in the whole world

by khristin ann at 12:54 PM

i saw the craziest thing before. there was a man with one leg, using a crutch, mowing his lawn. i mean i guess if you only have one leg and your grass is long, what else can you do. but it still looked very strange. when it is nice out like this i always want to go camping. if i ever go to hartman's creek i could just use jenny's map because she highlited it. i am eating a peanut butter and chocolate chip sandwich and it is so good. ive decided that cherry 7up is like the best thing in the world right now. yesterday i was talking with this lady at barnes and noble and she used the word perverse and i had no idea what she meant. but i agreed with her anyways and came home and looked it up in my dictionary. and now i am going to start using that word, to make me look smart. its already 1 in the afternoon and i can tell you what i have done so far today - absolutly nothing. oh well. i own a lot of pens. seriously. sincerly guys....i always buy those hair things without the metal in them so they dont get stuck in my hair. i told jenny we should charge people a quarter to sleep on our couch, but she said i was too cheap and we should charge more. so if you are ever thinking about sleeping on our couch, call jenny for a price quote. i wish my ear would heal but it just wont. he put an eyebrow barbell in it and i took the bead off to clean it last night so i just took the whole earing out then i couldnt get it back in and it was bleeding real bad. but then i got it back in and i learned my lesson. dont take your earring out if your ear is swollen because it is real hard to get back in. if i had 3 arms i bet i could type even faster because i would have 15 fingers on the keyboard instead of just 10.

by khristin ann Thursday, April 22, 2004 at 11:48 PM

when i was little, i used to think that the reason everyone washed their hands after they went to the bathroom was because when you are going to the bathroom, all the germs in your body are shot around and are emitted through your hands, so you had to wash your hands to get the germs off. sincerely guys, i believed it.

by khristin ann Wednesday, April 21, 2004 at 5:08 PM

well. here is my life story....i cannot keep plants alive. its a curse. fish either. i am not wearing any socks. i like the color blue and the color yellow. i think potato looks cooler when you spell it potatoe, but it just aint correct english. i own a lot of stationary. i like to pretend that someday i am going to be clean and organized, but that day is not in the near future. i am addicted to bidding on things on ebay but i hardly ever win anything. i just won a book though. but it is not here yet, it is in the mail. today is my sisters birthday. i need to get a job in oshkosh and quit all my jobs here because i think that will make my life less complicated. i am really excited to sell my books back. my popup blocker is like my favorite program on my computer. i think my digital camera is the coolest free thing i have ever gotten. today i wore a red sweatshirt and purple sandals and they didnt match. i am eating lifesavers because i am hungry but we are going out to eat real soon. ok that just about sums up my whole life in 48 seconds. enjoy.