I had nothing to offer anybody except my own confusion. ~Jack Kerouac

by khristin ann Monday, March 28, 2005 at 12:49 AM

this creeps me out

"To be photographed was an occasion, an expensive one, the more so, if you were "gone to glory, or the other place."

As British gadlady Jessica Mitford liked to quote our undertakers in her The American Way of Death, and as Evelyn Waugh entitled one of his best satires, "the loved one" was embalmed, made up elaborately, clothed in whatever finery could be afforded, and, if at all possible, set out for public viewing. "A closed coffin funeral" was often remarked in scandalized whispers. Somewhere, in the process, often in the price of the funeral, the coffin was tipped upright, in full sunlight if possible, and a cumbersome camera was used to photograph the corpse. Until it became deemed in bad taste, perhaps in silver frames, draped in black crepe, several photos of the "loved one" might be kept for a year or more, on a side table and on the mantelpiece. "


This was done throughout the nineteenth century. I think that because of the creepy factor, people stopped doing it. I dont think I could look at a photograph of a deceased person lying in a coffin. Especially if it was someone I cared about.

by khristin ann Thursday, March 24, 2005 at 11:51 PM

She put me on hold. She's taking the hampster outside...

A list of things I hate.....

1. Things on the 3rd floor. For all the effort it took to get all the way up there, you would think that walking down three flights of stairs would be a little more exciting. But its not.
2.When you get done with work 10 minutes early but your roommates dont want to hang out with you anyways. Bitches.
3. When people throw away the last kleenex without using it. (or when you point that out to someone, and they take the kleenex out, wipe their ass with it, and put it back in the garbage can....)
4. How I am getting everything done on time. I am studying for all my tests, starting my papers early, and hanging out in the library frequently. Ive never done this before. I can't handle it. 2 hot 2 handle.
5. It's cold outside.
6. Not having a closet. He is showing our house tomorrow, and I wish I could just throw everything in my closet so I don't have to clean my room. But I don't have a closet. So now I have to clean my room
7. Icecream makes me vomit. But it tastes so good...
8. How one hand is colder than the other.
9. When you play a mean trick on someone, and they are sleeping. I am laughing already, and Carrie and Jim won't get it until they wake up tomorrow. But I will still be laughing then.
10. I have to miss my soap opera on tues and thurs for math class. I don't even like math. We are getting a tivo, and I am going to tape it all the time. And then watch it later.
11. I hate finishing a good book. Because all along you are reading it, and its all good and stuff. But then, all the sudden, your at the end. And it's over.
12. Miracle Whip.
13. When you prank call someone and they don't answer. Your daughter kicked my cat. Or when someone calls you three times in a couple hours and dont leave a message. I still feel like I am missing out on something important by not knowing. Maybe I will call that number at 730 am and be like, why you calling me, bitches? Thats what I will say.
14. When you break your nail at work and you don't have any superglue. My nail was bleeding, and I was told I could superglue my nail shut.
15. How things die when in my care. Like my frog, Isabella. Or my other frog. And I am not even going to start naming my fish. But my Jew is growing like crazy. My jew is taking over the radiater and everyone else is jealous. I kill fish, but I can keep the Jew alive. See, I'm not a Nazi.
16. Yesterday, I was in the library, minding my own business and stuff. Then the girl sitting at the table next to me was like, hey can you watch my stuff? And I was like, ok. But really, I was like, who does that? She was just going to the vending machines in the basement, I don't think anyone is going to steal your text book. I didn't know you could ask people you didn't know to watch your stuff. This is why I am in college, so that I learn all the important things in life.

If I am dead tomorrow, it is because Carrie murdered me. Because she is going to want to when she opens her door and finds a surprise. Don't tell Carrie, but I am going to blame it on Jenny. And then I am going to laugh. Tiny hand.

by khristin ann Wednesday, March 23, 2005 at 10:59 PM

my tounge hurts

Today someone called me 3 times while I was in class. After class, I thought it was something urgent. But they didnt leave a message, and I thought they would just call back later. But they didnt. What is so hard about leaving a message?

My insurance company is really slow. I will be out of pills tomorrow. The estimated date of shipping is March 30. Thats not even when I am going to get the pills, that is when they are going to ship them. Because my dosage increased, they are considering it a new script and have to act like Ive never taken it. like they can't just add 50mg to my existing prescription. So don't count on me being asleep EVER in the next two weeks. Maybe I'll just start drinking every night. Alcohol makes me sleep better.

I found out I am not as far behind in school as I thought. I can't remember when I am going to graduate, probably in 3 semesters if I am lucky.

My frog died. It was gross. And sad. But mostly gross. I need to clean the tank out, everything is green. Including my snail, he is super green. But my frog was swallowed by white. I saw the grossest thing I have ever seen on tv the other day. I never thought I could be grossed out by the discovery health channel, but it happened. 1 in 8 people are supposed to be born twins, but the other twin dies early on. They don't have organs, thats why they die.

by khristin ann Saturday, March 19, 2005 at 12:19 AM

no lie

Today I couldn't remember if I was actually turning 21 this year. I did the math in my head, and I still wasn't sure (when I do mental math, I tend to round up). I thought I was certain that I already have turned 20, so I must be 21. I checked my driver's license. Sure enough, I will be 21 in 2 weeks.

by khristin ann Tuesday, March 15, 2005 at 9:03 AM

the grand tour

Have you ever wanted a tour of my bedroom? I bet you have. These are the highlights of the place I live in. Get ready for the excitement. (It is for reasons like this that I have a digital camera. I can take pictures of the most useless things and I am not wasting film. I am just wasting my time.)

My bed. Well it is Jenny's bed, but it is currently on loan to me. Until we move in May. Then I don't have a bed.

by khristin ann at 8:58 AM

my radiater, hidden by many things

by khristin ann at 8:56 AM

my ceiling

by khristin ann at 8:42 AM

my one and only window

by khristin ann at 8:39 AM

This is a spot of blood on my sheets. I (once again) cut my finger open on my highly abrasive wall.

by khristin ann at 8:37 AM

the top of my bookshelf

by khristin ann at 8:36 AM

this is my work shirt, it lives on the floor (unless I am at work).

by khristin ann at 8:28 AM

this would be my incense burner

by khristin ann at 2:40 AM

my lamp

by khristin ann at 2:38 AM

the turtle on the thing that i bought in florida

by khristin ann at 2:37 AM

completly random stuff that has not found a better place

by khristin ann at 2:37 AM

my printer. It doesn't really belong to me. I have had bad luck with ranom printers that my dad has tried to give me. This is my sister's printer. Since she does not own a computer currently, she does not need a printer.

by khristin ann at 2:34 AM

my laundry basket

by khristin ann at 2:33 AM

this is the whitest, aka the boringest, part of my room.

by khristin ann at 2:31 AM

heres the top of the shelf in my pretend closet. It really is slanted.

by khristin ann at 2:30 AM

Here's a better picture of the top of my dresser, and once again there is a glimpse into my sock/underwear/fishfood drawer

by khristin ann at 2:26 AM

Where some of my cds are. If you havent noticed, my favorite band is Sublime. Well, I guess it is kinda obvious.

by khristin ann at 2:25 AM

My clothes that hang on my bar

by khristin ann at 2:23 AM

my dresser, the drawers never really close, and the random things are always on the top. The pictures and the fishtank are there on purpose, and everything else is an accident.

by khristin ann at 2:21 AM

I have 3 doors that go into my bedroom. This isdoor #1, the door that leads to the bathroom. It is my favorite door because I can walk in on anyone when they are in the bathroom. Occasionally I abuse this power.

by khristin ann at 2:17 AM

this is the front of door #2, the part that faces the living room. The front of the door is more exciting than the back.

by khristin ann at 2:15 AM

door #2, the part that faces inside my room. It is by far the boringest door

by khristin ann at 2:07 AM

door #3

by khristin ann at 2:06 AM

the mess that I call my computer

by khristin ann at 2:04 AM

most of my books and other random things...

by khristin ann at 2:03 AM

fishtank, the life of Elvis, Scooter, and Isabella

by khristin ann Monday, March 14, 2005 at 10:35 PM

I hate my job

I'm real bitter today. I was at work for around 9 hours and I accomplished nothing, mostly because I didn't want to do anything. My goal is to hit OT this week because I have almost 40 hours and I can probably stay late and drag it out to overtime. So I can be rich. So I had an interview with the LP, Matt, and he pretty much said I had the job (FEC, which is a supervising job) and he said I would just have to have an interview with the store manager (who I know likes me on most days). Then Matt turns around and tells my manager that I couldn't handle the job. So I can't have it. I really want to punch him in the face. He sat there telling me random stories from his life, then would ask the strangest hypothetical question that would never ever happen and he expected me to have an answer. It doesn't matter to him that I am actually doing the job and I know everything there already is to know about the job. Seriously. This guy is so crazy and perverted. On inventory day, he seriously told so many dirty jokes and made so many disgusting comments, it was crossing the line. We are getting a new LP next month, who hopefully is a little more sane, because I am getting another interview with the new guy.

The other thing that is pissing me off is school. I realized that I am a lot farther behind than I thought. I have to find out if I can take some of the basic classes all at once instead of in order, because I think I have to start with a freshman english class and work my way up. It is so confusing, because I can't tell what my transferred credits count for. The other person I would enjoy punching in the face is my advisor for calling in sick. And the other advisor who I was supposed to see but some other girl was there. She was a journalism major, and was having this HUGE crisis. She talked obnoxiously loud that I pretty much heard everything she said. I would like to punch her in the face too, for being annoying.

I went to pick n save to buy something to eat, and ended up with a loaf of bread, cream cheese (which I can't eat, but it was the only thing I could remember from the list), some pasta, diet sprite, and peanut butter MnM's. Guess what I am going to have for dinner. Peanut butter MnMs it is.

I watched Days today and everything is so different, I have no idea what is going on. You wouldn't think that by missing thurs and fri I would have missed this much information, but I have. And I can't watch it again until fri. I really need to know what is going on. My life tends to revolve around what happens in my soap opera. In platteville, we were looking at some of Ashley's magazines, and there was an ad for Philip and Belle's wedding. Jenny totally ripped it out (while I coughed to cover the noise). Pretty exciting. I have found what I want my hair to look like.

I decided that since my day totally sucked and my spring break is going to be a horrible week of work, that I can consume as much alcohol as I see fit. I am anxiously awaiting my roommates arrivals, to make margaritas. We haven't made maragaritas or rum runner in a long time. Or had 'roommate drunk night' in awhile. I haven't worn my 2 hot 2 handle shirt in such a long time.

by khristin ann Thursday, March 10, 2005 at 3:58 PM


by khristin ann Tuesday, March 08, 2005 at 11:52 PM


This picture right here sums up my Saturday night. We made a 'drink buffet', making up different drinks with our fine assortment of alcohol. Wyatt has outdone himself, he made a shot more repulsive than 'tasty death'. I couldn't even breathe. Here is some advice I learned the hard way - if Wyatt makes you a shot, you are probably better off refusing to take it. Unless it is kiddy cocktail. He did make a shot named 'Fred' which, if I remember correctly, was the only other shot that was good. The rest I would have been content never tasting. But life goes on.

So I got this frog this weekend from some girl I don't know, and her name is Isabella. (Kinda like John Black's deceased wife, pre-Marlena. Thats where Belle gets her name from.) She's kind of a funny frog though because she sits on top of my snail and he doesn't seem to mind. One of the plants in my tank is growing like crazy, its taking over. I don't know how my aquatic friends have enough space to live.

It's almost my birthday. The big 21. Kinda exciting. I'm taking off the whole weekend, because there is not much time during the weekend that I will be sober. And my weekend is starting Wednesday at midnight. So if anyone wants to go to the bars with me on the weekend of the 31st, I'll already be there.

Lately the internet has been rather lame by my standards, so I have played a lot of solitare on my computer. And I am reading two really good books (one of which was compiled by Roald Dahl). I haven't been sleeping as much as the average person, but thats nothing new. I have a porkchop in the fridge that I never get around to eating. I have an ugly green dress in the backseat of my car that reeks of urine. I was walking home from school today, and I happened to run into Shane. Out of all the streets around campus, why would he park his car on my street? He knows I walk to class. And last time I checked, we weren't on speaking terms. I have a test in my math lab tomorrow morning and I am going to get there early because I want to get a computer with a floppy drive because I don't have any zip disks. You would think they would put a floppy drive on every computer in the lab, but no. They don't. I really think college is a place that is made for torture. Seriously.

We are going to Platteville this weekend. I am going to hang out all day friday by myself in a house where I have never met 3 of the guys that live there. Unless Carrie comes with us Thursday night. Then it will be me and Carrie and a bunch of guys she knows but I do not. And of course Jim and Wyatt. And ashley (not the Ashley that is dating Pat Timper...). My little brother is not aware of how much fun he is going to have this weekend.

by khristin ann Friday, March 04, 2005 at 3:21 PM

soak it in milk

Today, two of the greatest things happened. First, me and Carrie came home from working out, and Meghan was standing on her porch. There was a possum in her garbage can. It was sleeping. The landlord came over, and said possums are harmless. He shook the garbage can, and the possum gave us an evil look and hissed. Then the landlord took the garbage can to the backyard, and swung the possum out of it. The possum stood in the back yard and glared at us for awhile.

Then, we were standing in the kitchen explaining the possum to Jenny, when the paper towel holder started dispensing ALL the paper towel on the roll. Jenny rolled it back up, but its all crooked. It was great. What a day.

by khristin ann Wednesday, March 02, 2005 at 8:37 PM

everything you have ever wanted to know about STDS. And somethings you never wanted to know.

50% of the people at UWO have genital warts. That's half. Doesn't it make you wonder what half you are in? It is because nobody knows they have it and don't know when they are spreading it. Chlamydia is the most prevalent STD around here. I could never be a nurse because I could not say things like 'anal cavity' or 'vaginal lubrication' without laughing. Maybe it is just because I am as immature as a 12 year old boy. You can actually see crabs. Like physically see them crawling on you. Disgusting. Eww. You can get your pubic hair waxed into shapes. Like a strawberry. I find that to be a little strange. I learned a phrase that I don't understand. 'Tossing a salad' refers to oral sex. I really don't know why. If you understand it, please inform me. I would really like to know.