I had nothing to offer anybody except my own confusion. ~Jack Kerouac

by khristin ann Sunday, June 27, 2004 at 11:09 PM

white rabbit

this is the noise....of a baby dinosaur....being born....from an egg...not the mother.....

and the moral of the story is, frying pan lives forever

puerto rico, its a small island off the coast of...yeah we know

my friends are crazy. just insane. we are so civilized now its kinda sad. real sad. good thing jennys grandma has a video camera.

by khristin ann Saturday, June 26, 2004 at 8:30 PM

im sorry miss jackson

right now i am sitting in front of my computer, on a big green ball thing, without a shirt on. how strange is that? it has been a strange day so far. i didnt really feel good last night. i went into work this morinig, walked up front, and just stood there in front of adam and steve. the word 'hi' just completly escaped me and i didnt say anything. adam was just like, you just got out of bed, right? and all day he kept telling me how tired i loooked, but it wasnt even that i was tired. i was just real lightheaded. and it wasnt because i wasnt eating, i had a poptart. so i am blaming it on my birth control. so i was driving to work, enjoying my poptart and diet mountain dew (to qoute a good book, 'when you drink diet mountain dew, people judge you. pay no mind"), when i dropped my pill into the hole wehre my shifter is. and i couldnt find it anywheres. so i tried to get ahold of carrie, but i got jim. and so i asked jim for advice on birth control, and he knew. he told me that instead of taking tomarrows pill, i should just skip a day. but i think that might be the reason that ive felt so off all day.

i really wanna put the ring back in my cartilidge but the thing is, i cant do it. the amount of blood that came out is shocking. and i was pushing real hard. so i think that if i tried again, i would push it even harder. and i might cause some damage to my ear. i already have one retarded ear, i would like to keep one sane.

i work like a million hours next week, but what i am hoping is that on the days earlier in the week, i stay late a couple nights, so that at the end i will have 40 hours, so saturday they will either have to send me home early or pay me overtime. either would be good. and if this week is anything like today, i will stay at least a half hour late. so thats my life story. not too exciting, eh? oh and even though i only met phil once, i can say i have no pleasent feelings towards him. only anger.

by khristin ann Thursday, June 24, 2004 at 3:12 PM

im kinda a computer geek

this is my 4th post today. sad, i know. i am watiing for carrie to call but she is with karma and she is no longer on her computer but i keep trying to chat with her anyways. what a cute little kitten i have sleeping in my lap. im thining about hiding him in my room and telling my sister hes lost so i can just keep him. do you think it will work? maybe. the other day we were talking about riding a motorcycle to kentucky, and carrie goes, 'i dont think i could keep my legs spread for that long, but i bet you could kristin'. once again, they imply i am the slutty friend. but im not. we decided that between me, jenny, and carrie, it is pretty much a tie.

i need to get out of this house but i have to work today too. im hanging out with juliane tonight cuz i havent seen her in like at least a week. we were invited to a party tonight too by shane but i dont know if we are going or whatever. ive been partying a lot latley and i dont know if that is a good thing or bad. but hey, its summer. tonight is my last night at marys. ROCK ON.

hes only 8 weeks old, my new baby kitten. ok hes not mine, but i can pretend. my rooms a mess and i am too lazy to clean it. but i can blame it on the fact that i am always at work. ALWAYS. after july 14, i am down to one job. uno. not three, not two. just one. after tonight i am down to 2. so close to having a day off. yet so far.

my dad is taking my retard of a car in next week to have it checked over. that means it wont make funny noises and it will start when i want it to. im hungry. im broke. i am thinking about opening a 2nd credit card, just ot have one for emergancies. like because i need to get my car fixed, or soemthing like that. plus its real cool, the picture on the card. my mom will yell at me though. she thinks my card is going to get me in trouble, but its not. ive stopped using it now anyways, for awhile. until i know i have some extra money to spend. mary kate and ashley olsen are thinking about splitting up, and never acting as twins again. i dont know if they could handle having separate careers because i think it would be too competative.

by khristin ann at 2:37 PM

nova tuesday

its me and my little baby

how can you not love a cat that just sleeps on your leg and purrs?

by khristin ann at 2:26 PM

where in the world is carmen sandiago

my sisters kitten, nova tuesday

isnt he the cutest kitten ever? i think so. i told her she could let him live in my apartment, because when she moves back home my mom might make her get rid of him. and he is so cute. hes sleeping on me right now. he is my new obsession. dont tell my roomates that i might bring the cat, they wont like the idea. they will never know.

i hung out with my cousin hayley this morning, and she sang me silent night. she got it all right, except she said, 'holy infant, so tenders and ranch'. that cracked me up. she sang me opera too. she told me that for my bday present next year she is going to put me on the bachelor, because in her words, 'the men on there are just so dreamy.' the big ideas of a 10 year old.

i love this kitten, i really do. i want one.

by khristin ann at 4:26 AM

gary thats my shoe

i am sunburnt like you wouldnt believe. i am real excited to move. yeah. my cd player isnt being so cool right now. i am so subburnt. im really hurtin. not as bad as jenny just was. and i am glad. my ear bled like crazy teh other day, which means i cannot put my ring back in and i really want to put that in. but i am stuck with this barbell cuz its all swollen cuz i made it bleed like you wouldnt believe. i didnt know an ear could bleed that much. it makes me wonder how much blood i lost when they cut my ear off and drilled a hole in my head. cuz if is in proportion to how much my cartilige bled for like 15 minutes, i would have lost like a gallon. thats a lot of blood. good thing the body makes more to keep it alive. other wise i woudl have ben screwed. a long time ago too. tomarrow is my last day at marys. HOW COOL IS THAT? down to 2 jobs, till the 14th of July, then only 1. and that will be cool. supercool. ubercool. i am going to force some sleep into my body. hasta luego.

by khristin ann Monday, June 21, 2004 at 10:50 AM

who lives in a pineapple under the sea?

us showing off our super cool spongebob tattoos Posted by Hello

i was trying to find a good up north picture of a lot of us in one picture, and there really wasnt any good ones. so i picked this one. i tried making a website last week and i failed.

by khristin ann at 1:08 AM

yatta, yatta, yatta

things that irk kristin....
1. when it is supposed to rain on days you go to the beach
2. how ghetto our apartment is (its real ghetto, by the way. i guess it gives that away with carries two doorknobs and my three doors...)
3. how it is so cold in wisconsin that i wear sweaters in the summer
4. when im driving and i have a foot spasm and i hit either the gas or the brake REAL hard
5. Lately ive been having strange dreams about puking
6. ketchup
7. when people are real stuck up and they go outside when you enter the party
8. the color poop yellow
9. when customers tell you how to do your job
10. how it is very rare that i get a day off or sleep more than 3 hours a night
11. michael bolton
12. when you borrow someone something and expect to get it back. like that paper with the story on it that jenny borrowed to hillary. or the book that i borrowed to kira sometime during high school and havent gotten it back. i hold grudges towards things liek that
13. how i hold grudges against everything
14. how i loose everything i own
15. lately my car thinks its cool to be retarded
16. how it is so hard to get a campsite at the place you want in the state of wisconsin
17. how every month all the bills arrive during the same week, it makes it hard to decide who gets paid first
18. i look like the biggest retard in my oshkosh id
19. i set my keys down on the front porch yesterday and left them there.
20. mosquitos
21. how lately the internet has just seemed to gotten real lame. like theres nothing to do on it anymore.
22. i compulsively loose chapstick
23. how it is so hard to want to go outside and do something active. theres just never anytime when i can find someone to play tennis with.
24. the word derriere. drives me insane.
25. how my ears itch from the insides.
26. marys family restaurant.
27. doctors, and how supposidly they know everything.
28. orange juice. bad memories.
29. the fact that someone stoled my cds out of my car.
30. the lump in my neck
31. mondays
32. having more than one job
33. the whole concept of time. i just dont understand how at one point a second can seem like forever, but at other times you can just loose hours and not even realize it.
34. milli vanilli broke up.
35. when i try to cook things and they end up burnt
36. the way that the first thing i do when i get up is crack ALL my joints. if i move right, i can pop my butt bone out of place
37. i found some cool earrings that i want, but the thing is that my earrings that i have in now are real hard to change, and then it would be hard to put these back in later. oh and i am lazy.
38. breaking a nail
39. when you eat hot pizza and it burns all the skin off the top of your mouth.
40. when someone starts telling you a story, and then say 'oh well i am not supossed to tell you this so i am going to stop here' and you dont get to know the rest of the story but they want you to try to get them to tell you
41. my cellular phone
42. people with egos the size of texas
43. how some doorways are real small. for example, 30 inches
44. how i prefer even numbers to odd numbers and i always have to end everything on an even number.

by khristin ann Sunday, June 20, 2004 at 9:31 PM

car ramrod

i love icecream ALOT

by khristin ann Thursday, June 17, 2004 at 1:01 AM


i am downloading early 90's pop onto my puter. no lie. i bought sunscreen today (because like everything i own, i lost both bottles i had) and so i got some neutrogena stuff, and it was on the higher priced end, but i just put some on (yeah it is 1 am and i just put sunscreen on) and its real nice. its not greasy at all and you cant even feel it on your skin. i made a very wise decision today. my room is like a disater area. i have too many hobbies going on at once, plus a lot of laundry that needs to be put away. i want to go to the victoria secret sale, but i am BROKE and that would be a bad idea. i do not go to hobby lobby anymore and i cannot. even when i go in there not intending to spend money i do. DANGER, DANGER. thats what its like. im going to stay single forever because its easier. ill just stay in carrie and jims couple (and jenny too) because my life would be so less complicated. then i just have my problems to deal with, not mine and someone elses. and then i wont feel so suffocated and taken advantage of. life would be so much easier if i was a worm and could reproduce by myself. i am enough for me to handle without anyone getting in the way.

by khristin ann Tuesday, June 15, 2004 at 12:16 AM

stop the insanity lisa marie

i move in excatly one month. super cool. it is going to be real hard to fit everything i own into vehicles and into an apartment. all my arts and crafts stuff takes up like my whole room. i really wanna get a tattoo.

Even though they are extinct today, the Orthocerida were among the most successful and long-lived of the Paleozoic Cephalopoda. With their long graceful shells they very much typified the early Paleozoic benthos and nekto-benthos. Appearing during the Middle Ordovician, they soon supplanted both the Endocerida and the Ellesmerocerida. During the later Ordovician and the Silurian they were among the common of the straight-shelled cephalopods, although generally smaller than their larger and rarer contemporaries the Actinocerids. As the most primitive of the Neocephalopoda, they were the ancestors of the Bactridida, which in turn seem to represent the stem group form which all advanced Cephalopoda evolved.


that is something i am illegally citing off hte internet. it explains the pictures in the link, that is my fossil rock i got downtown a-town this week and i made the coolest necklace. i burned cds of pictures for everyone who went up north (i took 97 pictures) so if you were there and havent gotten a cd yet, i got it. i bought new eye makeup at walmart tonight and i am wearing it now. cool, huh? i heard boyfriend jim has a rash. thats just the gossip. jennys back in our couple. i found some pictures of maybe how i want a tattoo. i wish i could draw. i wish there were like 28 hours in a day. and i wish i didnt pick up a new hobby every week. because there are so many things i need to do. i wish i could put pictures on here cuz i found some cool ones of potential tattoos. i started making a website. then me and my computer got in a fight and i cant get to my website. suck on a tin roof. i have a gap commercial stuck in my head, "gonna dress you up in my love, all over all over, gonna dress you up in my love, all over your body". i miss leah, she used to sing me commercials all the time. i am listening to the doors. i bought watermelon gum and i blew bubbles until my jaw hurt. my doctor said my jaws not broken, but i think it is. he also said the lump in my neck is not a problem. let me remind you it is the size of a golf ball. oh and did i mention that it hurts? but i guess its going to go away on its own. its been a year. i dont think its going anywhere. i hsd dairy queen tonight.

by khristin ann Monday, June 14, 2004 at 7:43 PM

surf city here we come

the other day i decided that i was going to have at least four kids. and carrie asked me why. and that is when i realized that i have absolutly NO idea why i wanna have kids. and then i started noticing that the parents of people with like 4 or 5 kids always seem stressed out. so then i decided that maybe i just want 2. i guess ill just have to wait until i start popping them out to decide how many there should be, you know? but i definatly no longer have a starting number. who knows.

by khristin ann Sunday, June 13, 2004 at 12:14 PM

no flava

Latley, just for the lack of better things to do, ive been thinking a lot about life in general. like how much life can suck but at the same time its like it can be real cool. More and more ive had to realize how old i am, and how i am such a grown up now that things arent as cool as they used to be. like it used to be cool to stay up all night and now i cant. And we used to have time to come up with strange ideas and have fancy dress parties or go camping all the time but now its like everyone works so much to afford hobby lobby sprees that there is like no time just to relax and hang out and that is why going up north was so cool. cuz we were there for like 3 or 4 days and i didnt have to work and there was just no worrying about being anywhere or doing anything. and that can be the greatest thing in the world. like even getting 1 day off in a week is real exciting to me. i put in my 2 weeks notice at marys, for the last and final time. Which will be real good because ive been getting like at least 35 hours a week at dicks, closer to 40. so i dont kneed a 2nd job, plus i am babysitting now again. but to get back to where ive started, ive been thinking about how differently things would be in life if certain things didnt happen. because the way that i look at life is that not everything has to be bad. like you can take the worst thing that has ever happened to you and you can see how its changed you and how youve grown from it. And i think that in the last year or two, ive changed alot for many different reasons. And i think that as a person, I am much better off now than i was then. Maybe ive watched too many lifetime movies in my high school years. Heres the sappy part - I think my friends are the coolest people. Honestly. Like the bunch of us that still hang out all the time and stuff, i think it is so cool that we are all still friends. and i think they are some of the craziest people i know. I guess the moral of the story is that i am getting old and sappy but i really love my friends and i dont know what i would do if they were all in a car and drove off a bridge into the fox river. I THINK YOUR COOL. dont die.

by khristin ann Tuesday, June 08, 2004 at 12:23 PM

the soundtrack of my life

Using an idea from Jenny, I created a soundtrack of what my life movie would be. There is a lot less early 90's pop songs than expected. I even had to take out Savage Garden at the last minute. Heres what it is:

1. Sublime: Poolshark
2. The Doors: Moonlight Drive
3. Dido: Im no Angel
4. Dog's Eye View: Umbrella
5. Garbage: #1 Crush
6. Incubus: Certain Shade of Green
7. Orgy: Fiction-Dreaming in Digital
8. Pink Floyd: Comfortably Numb
9. Elton John: Tiny Dancer
10. Tool: Sober
11. Salt n Pepa: Heaven or Hell
12. Muffs: Kids in America
13. Puff Daddy: Cant nobody Hold me Down
14. Dope: Nothing
15. Silverchair: Do You Feel the Same
16. Seven Mary Three: Anything
17. Sublime: Saw Red (acoustic)
18. The Used: Taste of Ink
19. Eve 6: Superhero Girl

by khristin ann Monday, June 07, 2004 at 10:22 AM

poooo poooo poooo

Cyndi Lauper was having an outdoor concert and a bird flew over and it pooped and it landed in her mouth while she was singing. HA.

by khristin ann Sunday, June 06, 2004 at 7:16 PM

....in bed

why do all my 8 1/2 hour shifts magically turn into 9 1/2 hours? because they dont know how to write a schedule. i already have over 40 hours a week and ive only been putting in like 5 hours a week at marys. i need to get rid of that job. but like i already get so many hours at dicks, and they always talk me into staying later. and then when you add in my other job(s), i work too much. and i am still broke. how does this work?

i somehow missed my whole drive home, but there are two parts i remember. first there were piles of clothes on the side of the highway. either someone kidnapped a homeless man/woman that was walking on highway 41 and threw their clothes out, or someone was throwing clothes out their car window for fun. i was so confused. then i almost took part in an accident, no fault of mine. there was an old guy (i think in a buick, but it was a steryotypical old guy car) who put on his blinker to change lanes. and he had enough space to change lanes. but then a very nice gentleman (note the sarcasm) in chevy pickup truck decided it would be a good idea to speed up and not let the old man in. but the old man was already halfway in the lane. and the chevy swerved, almost hitting the cement barrier, but the whole time he was still speeding up. and if they would have hit, i probably would be in on the fun since i was behind the chevrolet so the old man would have attacked me with his buick. but i am alive and so is my car (which i realized this weekend that i have had my cavalier for 3 years now, because i have 3 state park stickers. i am getting old)

i am going to buy a tennis racket. we are in search of a fourth (we have me, jenny, and carrie) so if anyone wants to play tennis with us (i am not speaking for them, but i am not a real high quality tennis player) you can be our fourth.

karma got 'head shoulders knees and toes' stuck in my head for the last two days. i think the kid is super cool, but now the song gets real old. and after being at work ALL DAY and having that song just in my head over and over, i am ready to do some harm to another person. watch out. it might be you.

by khristin ann Friday, June 04, 2004 at 2:50 PM

i dont have a metal spatula

i got in a fight with my cellular phone before. i showed it whos boss. if you dont believe me, ask the silver paint on my car door handle. i wonder why my phone doesnt EVER work. maybe its because i throw it up against things. or maybe not, i dont really know. my brother says our basement smells like vinegar, but i cant smell it. so either i am smelling impaired, or hes retarded.GOING CAMPING. bye.

by khristin ann at 12:19 AM

the enforcer

the new harry potter movie came out. oh yeah. they played it at 11:59 tonight but i cant go because i am a ninny and i work at 9 am. and im sick, once again. all my muscles decided it would be real cool to hurt. even my butt is sore. and my scalp. and my throat hurts. i hope i dont have shingles, wouldnt that be bad. i got virus software for my computer but i have just been too busy/lazy to install it. i got the prettiest dishes you have ever seen. and they were on sale. i get paid tomarrow. wanna know where my check is going? first i am putting gas in my car, then i am using the money for going up north, and the rest is paying my credit card bill. i love being poor. its real cool. i am going to wake up tomarrow and not be able to swallow. i hope its not strep. once i had ulcers in my throat. i hope its not that cuz that hurt real bad. i have a random lump the size of a golf ball in my neck that has been there since last july. aint that gross. i got a biopsy done and a bunch of speicalist doctors poked at it, and they say it wont kill me. and they say they dont want to cut it out. it adds character. i just ate a kit kat. and then i brushed my teeth. NEW SEASON OF RENO 911 STARTS WEDNESDAY i am real excited. that and the harry potter movie. when does the new harry potter book come out? theres only 2 left and that makes me real sad. i wish there was a million. or close to a milllion. the 3rd book and the 5th book are my two favorties so iam real excited for this movie (as it is the 3rd one). maybe the nun just fell.

by khristin ann Wednesday, June 02, 2004 at 2:41 PM

I am drinking flat sprite. I have been working on my scrapbook all day. You should see my room. Its worse than the other day when there was 4 of us. i stuck my leg in my inkpad before on accident. My arm was covered in ink too because i kept reaching over it. So then I took a shower and now i am trying to be very careful. I am trying. Its a good thing that all my friends are insane so that i have some pretty strange pictures to use. Flat sprite just tastes like warm water. Its kinda odd.

Some day we are going to take a 24 hour tour of appleton. We are going to leave in the middle of the night and find as many places that are open 24 hours. kinkos is a good starting place. There is nothing better than being in kinkos in the middle of the night. this either explains that appleton is real boring, or my life is real boring. Either way, its gonna be a good time.

I am listening to Pat Benetar. You better believe me because i really am. I just spilled my sprite on my pants and i am all wet.