I had nothing to offer anybody except my own confusion. ~Jack Kerouac

by khristin ann Monday, December 26, 2005 at 2:54 PM

why cuddle when we can just do it?

I walked straight into a wall at my grandma and grandpa's and got a little bruise on my shoulder. Luckily, my only witness was my cousin Jessica. Yesterday I slept pretty much all day. I don't know what is wrong with me, all I want to do is sleep. And my sleeping pills keep kicking my ass. I've slept on the couch a couple times in the last two weeks because i just fall asleep and don't wake up til 730 am. I missed the end of Twister the other night because of it. But I am going to my neurologist wednesday, hopefully she can fix my problems. This is my one week off of school before interim starts, so I am trying to savor every moment. Right now I am still in my pj's. I don't work til 6 pm. Whats up with that shit? I have off tomorrow, but I have big plans to clean. And, sad but true, I haven't scrapbooked anything since my 21st bday. I'm almost 22. If you ever see a guy driving down the sidewalk in a jeep, that's our landlord.

Yesterday, on Christmas day, I went to a movie with Juliane and Amy Spilski. We were paying for our tickets, when Amy's phone rang. It was her professor. How strange is that?

I am trying to decide what to spend my Christmas money on and I just can't decide. I have too many clothes; I don't need more. My dad and brother are bringing the broken chair down this week. People that constantly work with flour are prone to getting asthma. I don't remember where I read that, but it wasn't the Post Crescent. I got my journal back from creative writing, and she gave me an A-. How can you grade a journal like that? Where did the minus come from? I'm not complaining, I just think it is strange. I got a 3.625 this semester, I am very excited about it.

by khristin ann Friday, December 09, 2005 at 11:50 AM

I think I am allergic to cotton balls

So, being the badass I am, I am skipping class today. I have a valid reason - I just don't want to go. I know I am getting an A in that class anyways. Someone has been plowing our sidewalks and we couldn't figure out who it was. Today we noticed someone driving down our sidewalk in a jeep with a plow attached to it. We watched this maniac drive all over our driveway and sidewalk. He parked on the sidewalk and got out, it was none other than Big Jer, our landlord. In addition to his van, he has a Jeep and plows our sidewalk with it.

One week of classes left. I can't wait. But I do have an interim class, sociology of something. One of my new shoes took some of the skin off my foot. The price to pay for beauty. I emailed 3 professors and only one replied. Kind of upsetting. But thats ok. We are going out drinking tonight in A-town. Drinking with my friends always makes for a good time.

Here's a question that has been on my mind lately--How come Mario and Luigi are the 'Super Mario Brothers'? Why are they not 'Super insert last name here Brothers'? Or the 'Super Luigi Brothers'? Why does Mario get all the fame?

by khristin ann Sunday, December 04, 2005 at 3:00 PM

things that happened to me this week

1. learned that my ability to swing my car around and park the opposite way in angle parking is impressive
2. showed up for class that i had forgotten was canceled; i was the only one there
3. realized i am kinda self concious of my extremely long toes
4. had to buy a book that i lost, then dropped the new one in the snow
5. ended up in a hair dying prediciment
6. thought i blew the fuse and fumbled to find a flashlight in the dark, ended up wandering the house with a lit candle until i realized that i had hit the switch on my power strip in my room and had no other lights on in the house. then i felt like an idiot.
7. bought 3 pairs of shoes, spending a total of $35
8. fell down on my way to school and ended up with a bloody knee
9. worked every single day, realizing that i hate my job(s), mostly dicks in particular
10. decided we are throwing a new year's party, haven't told jenny yet
11. got more bruises from the hula hoop
12. noticed i haven't watered my plants in awhile, hoping they will spring back to life
13. decided i can skip a couple classes next week and still get sweet grades
14. invited my mom to go out drinking with us friday
15. bounced my first check (out of stupidity)
16. ate some candy
17. watched countless hours of fresh prince on nick at nite
18. got a phone call from karma (the kid, not the thing)
19. lost my wallet in the target parking lot in appleton
20. attempted to clean my room many times, never happened
21. sold quite a bit of jewelry
22. spilled ravioli all over myself
23. slept on the ugly couch
24. picked my own hours at dicks, left early when i wanted to
25. got ridiculed because i read real books
26. worked every single day

by khristin ann Thursday, December 01, 2005 at 10:35 PM

Bad habits I need to break

1. not wearing socks
2. being late
3. working 7 days a week
4 doing my laundry, but never fold it, and sleep with it in my bed for a couple days.
5. misplacing my wallet/keys/phone
6. forgetting my name tag at target
7. going too long without cleaning my room
8. worrying about money, because somehow it always works out that i have enough
9. checking my email constantly, the only thing i ever get is my horoscope
10. believing every word of my horoscope
11. starting a sentence, trailing off, and never finishing it
12. listening to Meatloaf
13. cracking my joints, specifically my wrists and my ankles
14. not wearing pants
15. procrastinating on homework
16. using foul language at work when there are customers around
17. over exaggerated hair flip (it's kinda embarrassing)
18. usage of credit cards
19. waking up in the morning with unexplainable cuts
20. forgetting to balance my checkbook