I had nothing to offer anybody except my own confusion. ~Jack Kerouac

by khristin ann Tuesday, August 31, 2004 at 10:53 PM

haha someone peed on Jim's backpack

Once, when I was little, my mom went thru the revolving doors at the bank (Valley Bank, to be exact) and I was so little that I didnt weigh enough to open the door, and I got stuck inside the bank because my mom was already out and couldn't come back in thru the exit so I started crying and then the nice bank man let me out.

Today, after working 8 1/2 hours, I came home, did my laundry, ate dinner with Carrie my cooking hero, scrubed the shower, bathroom floor and walls and window, scrubbed out my cooler with baking soda, and went grocery shopping. Moral of the story is I am gross, covered in dirt, and things that live on the floor, and I probably dont smell so good. And my skin is real dry from all the chemicals I touched. And I cant pour things into the toilet because it reminds me of the sound of vomit hitting toilet water and that makes me sick. Very few things make me puke. Orange juice, unbreaded shrimp, ceaser dressing, and liquids hitting toilet water to name a few. Like Cher from clueless, Im outtie.

by khristin ann at 12:12 AM

eleven dollars

We solute you, mr. giant pocketknife inventor.

by khristin ann Saturday, August 28, 2004 at 10:22 AM

Out of boredom, I decided to make my own quiz. Its really good. I am almost tempted to make sure everyone else takes it.

Have you ever....

played ping pong? yes
gotten wrapped in tinfoil and jumped through the fountain in city park? why yes I have
ridden in a hot air balloon? no but I have always wanted too
eaten peanut butter? yes
reinacted communion after watching the church channel? yup
recentely bought new shoes? I love my new shoes
gone to school naked? no
known ANYONE named Kent? nope. but I dream about him supposidly.
gotten hit by a car? yes, the day I learned how to ride a bike, my neighbor backed into me. Then he felt bad and gave me soda and candy.
boughten Jim a neopet? yes.
puked after eating at Outback? yes. That is why I only eat breaded shrimp, not unbreaded shrimp.
Known someone who has gotten their hand bit by a camel? yes. she had to go to the hospital.
Eaten macaroni and cheese for breakfast? once, when I was little, and we bet my mom we could eat macaroni for all three meals that day.
Seen the Red Hot Chili Peppers live? twice.
taken a shower? Frequently.
Been attacked by a urinal mint aka salty pee cracker? unfortunaly.
boughten a cheesy romance novel from the dollar tree? yes. It is great for reading aloud. There is almost a rape scene, but dont worry because someone saves her just in time.
been arrested? not yet.
gotten locked out of your house on the way to the mailbox in the middle of the night? yes.
fallen over while walking? Yes, I did last night and fell flat on my stomach
played MASH? In the tent last time we went camping.
gotten attacked by an orangutang? nope.
Met Elvis? nope.
been in a pie eating contest? certainly not.
worn hot pink shoes in public? yes, I did one day at East.
Seen the movie Sasquatch? unfortunaly so.
been president of the United States? not yet. And I dont aspire to.
cracked an egg with one hand? no but Jenny can. thats why I am friends with her.
Seen the Platteville M on fire? no, but I really want to.
Eaten frog? never
cornish hens? no, but I have a recipe.
Tried to tell a story about something that happened, and then realized that it didnt happen to you, but to someone on Full House? yes, and its kinda creepy.
learned how to make stained glass windows? no but I have always wanted to.
Slept in a closet? yes, once in Chicago I did.
Kill anyone? no. and as of right now, I dont intend to. So dont piss me off or I might change my mind. If I ever did kill someone, you could use that sentance against me as premeditated murder.
Seen Jaws? nope. my childhood was Jaws free.

by khristin ann Thursday, August 26, 2004 at 2:34 PM

whos lover?

So i have this problem. Everything that happens from when I take my pills until when I go to bed I dont remember. Last night I guess a lot of exciting things happened. I dont remember burning Juliane's cd, but I did, and instead of burning it from her cd to my cd I burned camping pictures. And I very vaugly remember Jim opening the present me and Jenny got him. And I dont remember Jenny being here at all. And when I went to bed, I stacked everything that was on my bed neatly on my computer chair. I dont remember doing that, and I think it is strange because I always just throw everything on the floor. I guess Jenny decided to sleep in my bed with me. And she woke me up to ask me something. And I started talking about how I am out of sayings for the bottom of the reciepts. and then when she went to the bathroom I yelled out 'KENT'. I dont get it either.

by khristin ann at 9:34 AM

following in Jennys footsteps...I did a survey too

except when i pasted it in here, it copied all lame and stuff. And so I deleted it. Sorry.

by khristin ann Wednesday, August 25, 2004 at 11:09 AM

can be like a deep sea diver swimming with a raincoat

SO I am offically sick. I want to rip my kidneys right out of my body and stomp on them. I worked 9-5 yesterday, right after i went to the doctor the day before. Big mistake, I sholdnt have gone to work. But I have off today, and I am going to sit in my pajamas all day. And probably complain to myself, since everyone i know is at working (and when i say everyone I know, I am refering to my two roomates). But I am going to Platteville on Saturday so Jenny and Carrie can visit their lovers. And I am just going so taht I am not lonely here. Its like that Green Day song, "I was all by myself...." Ive been up since 8 am, probably because I went to bed at 9pm. And I am going insane. Ive drinken so much cranberry juice in the last 48 hours. I could almost turn into a cranberry. Id only be 27% cranberry though. So I went to a different doctor on monday (cuz I dont like my offical dr), and I was like, hey I got this nice lump in my neck, that is getting bigger, can you take it out? and she read thru my file and was like, um, no, since you had a biopsy done, and they say its not dangerous, your stuck with the lump. and I was like, BUT IT HURTS TAKE IT OUT. and she was like, no it will go away. Thats what they all say, that it will go away (that rhymed). But it hasnt gone away in the last year. and let me remind you that it hurts. So, if anyone wants, feel free to come over and cut out the lump in my neck. and both my kidneys.

by khristin ann Saturday, August 21, 2004 at 6:42 PM

you gotta fight, for your right, to PARTY

I just licked an envelope and it was real fruity. In lack of exciting things happening in my life, I just have to say that I have nothing to say. I filled Jennys brain with lame stories about my day. The stories included everything from my grandma, to the airport, to the vending machines at my dads work, to the reciept from walgreens, to the new diagnoses my family is guessing regarding my illnesses and beyond. But my stories had no bit of relevence to anything. EXCEPT MY BORING LIFE.I cant decide whether i want to brush my teeth, take a nap, or clean. so many things to do on a saturday night, so little time.

by khristin ann Friday, August 20, 2004 at 12:19 AM


There are people outside my window that are yelling. Thats not cool, that makes it harder to sleep. Today, me and my brother were driving home from green bay, and i made him get off the highway on N in Little Chute so I could drive home because i think it is fun to drive his car because it is stick. And we listened to this guy who does jazz covers of rock songs and it is hilarious. Then we cruised the ave playing german techno. And then we went home. Quite a night.

by khristin ann Thursday, August 19, 2004 at 12:24 PM

pee here shorty

So I get home from work yesterday, turn on my computer, and this is my new desktop background:

Ha. That girl is something else. That is what she did on her day off. Besides listening to Britney Spears, that is. Then we bought spanish cds on ebay. I love ebay. I think because it combines the three best things: the internet, shopping, and the United States Postal Service.

by khristin ann at 2:21 AM

ink. its our middle name.

You are probably wondering what I am doing at the wee hours of the morning. (Well its not quite the wee hours but it is close enough). Me and Jenny have been scrapbooking all night, that is, after we got back from bowling in Hilbert. But before all this, Jenny made me a romantic candle lit dinner. It came complete with mood music. Just so you are not confused, my night went in this order - dinner, bowling, scrapbooking.

And now guess what I am going to do - go to bed. Why, you might ask. Well, because tomarrow (or today, however you look at it), I am going to a Doors concert with my whole entire family. Its not really "the Doors", as Jim Morrison is dead. But it is two of the doors members, a different drummer (I guess the drummer didnt like the idea of resurrecting the Doors), and the lead singer from the Cult (I believe, I may be wrong since I am not obsessed over the Doors and I cant really remember what my sister told me one of the 12 times I asked). So it will be an eventful day. If I lived in a nutshell, I could sum up my life for you like this.

by khristin ann Sunday, August 15, 2004 at 2:14 PM

its raining men

PARTY TIME!!! I wonder what the neighbors think of us parading around our yard in formal wear and taking pictures. Actually, I wonder what the neighbors think of us period because we frequently do odd things. like have a formal dinner party. I didnt get to wear my barbie dress though because the zipper is broken. And i have to get my dress dry cleaned again because my dress and carries hard cranberry lemonade had its own party. and there is pink all over my dress. But thats ok because it was a good time. I made french toast for breakfast at 1 pm. because thats when everybody finally got up. Except me, I spent the morning talking with my family online. And then my dad called me to give me the weather forcast for the week.

a bunch of child molesters....they went to Family Video, and came home with these sunglasses on....

by khristin ann at 2:12 PM

crooked picture....

by khristin ann at 2:11 PM

me, vaughn, and jim riding a rollercoaster

by khristin ann at 2:10 PM

us on the couch

by khristin ann at 2:07 PM

I think this picture is funny also, because none of us are paying any attention to sheila. sheila took 162 pictures on my camera last night. thats alot.

by khristin ann at 2:07 PM

im not real sure what is going on in this picture. but its funny

by khristin ann at 2:05 PM

us in our formal wear, this was like 30 sec before juliane got there, but in all my pictures from outside someone looks like an idiot.....

by khristin ann Wednesday, August 11, 2004 at 11:16 AM

up north pictures.....and me discussing my boring life while i wait for Jenny to finish taking a shower....

I know it was like months ago that we went up north, but Juliane just loaded her pics on my computer, and I am bored out of my mind, so I thought i would put some on here. Plus the only other recent pictures I have is from when we moved, and jenny put those in her blog. And so I see no reason for me to do it to. Since if you know me, you know Jenny. Thats just how it works.

Today is my day off so me and Jenny are going to the big city of a-town to look for cheap prom dresses and to kinkos cuz thats where we hang out. and I have to go to 3-D cuz I lost the bead in my barbell (scotch tape works wonders) and I have to go get my prescriptions and my dress from the drycleaners. oh and go to the bank. Basically, I have a lot of places to go and they are all places in appleton. No, wait, I have to return a movie at the Family Video here in Oshkosh. Carrie works a million and a half hours this week (no lie, all her days are 10 hour shifts) and so that means i am not really going to see her much until Saturday when i get done working at 530. My room is a fire hazard, according to Shannon. And Karma, she looked for a fire. Karma is one of my favorite kids because she says things like, "that guy talks funny. and hes kinda tiny" or "trees give us our air" "grandma lets me keep my poptart in the fridge" "you can call me ice cube" etc etc. I get paid this friday. cool huh? I am going to go eat a cookie.

theres nothing like a bunch of drunk girls doing sparklers in the middle of the night....

by khristin ann at 11:12 AM

carrie and jenny on the boat...it looks like a nice day to be out on a boat but really it was freezing out (which would explain why carrie is wearing a sweatshirt) and really the only reason we wanted to go out on the boat was to see the prisioners, but we didnt see any

by khristin ann at 11:12 AM

jenny on the island

by khristin ann at 11:11 AM

juliane and me on the boat

by khristin ann Tuesday, August 10, 2004 at 11:40 AM

everything you ever wanted to know about me

i have 20 min until days is on, so here are some random facts pertaining to my life the last couple of days.

1. i got jennys herpes. not in a dirty way, i am talking oral herpes.

2. my keyboard is really dusty.

3. if you are going to walk to the mailbox at 1030 pm, make sure the set of keys you grab has at least one key to one of the doors to your house. otherwise, you are stuck wandering oshkosh looking at all the lions until someone else comes home.

4. ive worn the same pair of jeans the last three days, which is not gross because most of my days are spent in my work pants. so it is probably grosser that ive worn the same pair of pants to work for the last three days. the more i wear the same clothes, the less laundry i have.

5. it is impossible to shave your legs in our shower. impossible.

6. i am in love with roald dahl. he is just about the strangest man in the whole world and i love his stories. i just read the creepiest story in my roald dahl book, it was called 'pig'. it was really really really good.

7. i bought a stapler.

8. i was cleaning the other day and i realized that i have 4 deoderants that are all open and all half gone. the reason is, everytime i cant find my deoderant, i open one.

9. my life is so much better now that we have the internet.

10. our hide-a-bed smells real bad, but jenny sleeps on it anyways.

11. take that giggle to the backyard and air it out.

12. my friends are so obsessed with marriage, it is on the verge of creepy. they go to ashcroft and oak to look at engagement rings.

13. my hand fat hurts real bad.

14. i dont want my credit card bill to be huge, so instead of using my credit card i just write out bad checks.

15. ive been talking to jenny online. let me remind you that i live with jenny. yes, we are in separate rooms of the same house, and we are talking on the internet.

16. last night everyone came in my room at separate times to use my computer. shannon was a bit confused because he made sure that all our computers had the internet, so then we pointed out that we always hang out in my room.

17. my personal hell really would be stuck doing richard simmons forever always in 80s clothes. turn straight.

18. my mom mailed me a letter.

by khristin ann Sunday, August 08, 2004 at 4:20 PM

buy me candy or ill tell grandma....

one of my goals in life is to memorize my drivers license #. I started this goal maybe 3 years ago, and ive never gotten further than W425-. i bought a coffee table yesterday at hobby lobby for only 33 dollars. carrie keeps the chocolate in the freezer. my mom sent me a letter. i want to take a nap but my family is making me hang out with them before i drive all the way back to oshkosh. all the way. so i decided that i was real mad at shane, but my horoscope said that i shouldnt be mad but i should think about things before taking three giant steps away. and i check my horoscope in the postcrescent and on yahoo, and they both generally said i shouldnt be mad. so im not. but its not that i am mad, its that i just dont get it. friday he said he would stop over, and he never came. sat he said he would call me back after the movie he was watching was over, or he would just stop over. and he never did. but see the thing is, im not going to call him. but i just want to know why. and since my horoscope said not to be mad, im not. and if he ever decides to call me back, we'll see if im mad on that day. because if i am, watch out. just kidding, i cant be mean for seriousness. its just not in my nature. i have little supressed mad demons in me that cant get out. it would take 680 houseplants to lower the levels of co2 in your house. i only own 3 plants, and they are all dying. carrie said i cannot refer to her wandering jew as 'the jew', i have to call it 'beautiful houseplant'. i guess when you tell people, 'yeah we ran out of room on the radiator so we had to hang the jew', they get real confused if they dont know what you are talking about. i mean, im not a nazi or anything. well i am going to go home and put my soda on a coaster on the new coffee table. hasta luego.

by khristin ann Saturday, August 07, 2004 at 6:03 PM

christmas reef

this is what i do with my life-i get done with work at 430, and wait for carrie to get done at 7 so we can go on a date. ok thats what i have done the last couple days. jims having man time so he doesnt come on our dates. but he will be home soon. and then....i came here so my dad could put my new wiper blades on my car and i could use the internet. exciting. the coolest thing that has happened in my life recently is that my mom sent me a letter. oh and our living room gets vaccumed a lot. we figured out how to work the iron at about 1 in the am. im so sick of working all the time. carrie says i have scabies, but my mom says i dont. our modem is coming MONDAY. i am excited a whole bunch. ive read too many books and laid on the couch and stared at the wall for too long in the last couple weeks and the internet is going to change my life. i cant find family video by myself so i couldnt return the movie we rented. i cant really find anything in oshkosh, good thing i live there. carrie did my hair pretty much everyday this week so that i look hot. and that is why she is my lover. oh and cuz she cooks. and jenny would be my other lover because she is a sexy beast. the lump in my neck is slightly smaller, i dont think it is quite a golf ball anymore. me and juliane are going to the place that is going to be the death of me - hobby lobby.

by khristin ann Thursday, August 05, 2004 at 2:48 PM

pills that taste like jelly?

today i decided that being all grown up is not cool. heres are the reasons why-

1. they charge you 18 cents a month to be able to call 911 from your home phone. 18 CENTS! that means that i have to cover 6 cents of that a month. do you know what i could be doing with 6 cents? i could pay for the tax on a pack of gum. or, i could save my six cents for 4 months, and in that time find a penny, take all that to the bank, get a nice shiny quarter, and buy myself a ring. or a sticker.

2. work. i hate working, but i hate when i dont get enough hours. someone out there should just pay me for being cool. or pay me for something i am good at, like being lazy.

3. they changed the belle on days and this affects my life greatly. i really liked the old belle. not only was she pretty, but she was a good actress. this girl is neither. she is annoying. i dont want shawn to come out of the love cage and come back to her, and i dont want her to end up with phillip. i like shawn and i like phillip and i wouldnt want that to happen to either of them. oh and i dont want kate and john to be together. john black is the coolest and i hate kate. effective immeditaly.

4. it is a lot cheaper to get an enema than birth control. can you explain that?

5. everyone wants to grow up and get married. not me. im not gonna get married for a long time. because right now i dont want to. i dont want to be in relationship because i dont want someone else to be able to tell me what to do. and i dont mean i want to go out whoring around, i just dont want to be tied down.

6. i am so mad at sbc. we still dont have the internet. they said we didnt have an order placed for a modem. i know i placed it. i did. and so we cant have the internet for a couple more days. we stayed home from going up north to hook up the internet. and we didnt get the internet. so me and carrie spent the day watching judge joe brown and scrapbooking then we went on a date with jim. (i just used the d word jenny)

7. you can get cancer of anything. cancer of the lip, cancer of the bladder, cancer of the tounge, for real. ANYTHING. "he had cancer of the butthole, whats that called again?" "colon cancer" "oh yeah thats right."

8. I have a rash all over my arms and it causes my friends to not want to sleep in my bed. yes, we live in a 3 bedroom apartment but all 3 of us sleep in my bed. its like a party in my bed everynight.

9. i came over here to use the internet and my mom has no good food in the house.

10. i havent watched milk and cereal in a long time.

11. they dont pick up our mail everyday. they only take our mail when we have mail coming into our mailbox. otherwise they dont check it.

12. i am so hard up for money right now its not cool. ive given up on ever seeing the money that ive borrowed out.

13. our couch smells like feet. or day old crotch. but i say its feet.

on a happier note, i am getting my prom dress drycleaned. i am going to wear it next saturday and it is going to be awesome. except i work until 530. i get to show up late to my own party. me and carrie baked cookies the other day and we wore marys aprons. well i only have two, a black one and a green one. but we wore them. and i went to the store to buy 8 sticks of butter. i felt like an idiot. i tried balancing my checkbook, and somehow it says i have like an extra 75 dollars in my account than what i have figured out. so i am confused. i am going to try to refigure it out tomarrow. thats my plan of action. i rode on a harley. i cant wait until we get the internet. we listen to savage garden almost every night and it is awesome. AWESOME. thats all.